Martin Luther

Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

40 Theses

The Church of Scientology, as currently constituted, has perverted the ethics, auditing and administrative technologies of L. Ron Hubbard to such an extent that they have become unworkable. The philosophy and practice of Scientology has, in many places on this planet, become a liability. The Church’s reputation has been all but destroyed. The Church has become a criminal enterprise, extorting millions of dollars from its members and delivering nothing but hollow lies in return. It has forced some of its brightest and most productive members to leave, and victimized those who have chosen to stay. It has turned some of its most ardent followers into enemies.

This situation can no longer be tolerated. As a consequence, the following demands are made. Only the complete satisfaction of these demands can save the Church. Only the complete satisfaction of these demands will entice those who have been made enemies into being renewed supporters.

  1. Abundant evidence indicates that David Miscavige has committed numerous high crimes, crimes and misdemeanors against Scientologists, ex-Scientologists, the Church itself, and Mankind. The Church of Scientology shall immediately convene a Committee of Evidence to fully investigate the crimes of David Miscavige. The Committee shall consist of personnel who have had minimal contact with Miscavige, and whose loyalty to LRH and LRH policy can be reasonably assured. Such Committee shall act without bias either way against Miscavige, but shall be relentless in its investigation of the facts. Such Committee shall have three months in which to conduct its investigation, have hearings, and issue its findings. The Findings and Recommendations of the Committee shall not be subject to the approval of the International Justice Chief, even if the Committee is organized by him. The Findings and Recommendations of the Committee shall be made broadly available to the public. Others implicated may also received Committees of Evidence of their own.
  2. The Church of Scientology has engaged in a covert campaign to redefine the “floating needle” as necessarily swinging back and forth three times before being considered a “floating needle”. The Church shall immediately return to the written and long understood definition of “free needles”/”floating needles”. It shall ensure that all auditors, examiners and any others who operate e-meters understand that there is no such thing as a “three swing F/N”. A full investigation shall be undertaken to determine when this notion first originated and who first originated it. That person or persons shall be subject to immediate Committee of Evidence and given the severest of penalties if found guilty.
  3. The Church of Scientology has, in recent years, engaged in routinely lying, while calling its actions “Public Relations” (PR). The Church shall henceforth insist and ensure that those on PR lines of any kind understand that PR must never contain lies. In accordance with this LRH policy, the Church shall, where it has committed crimes or acted unethically, publicly admit that it has done so, and formulate firm policy to avoid such activities in the future. Within the Church, it shall be standard policy that the Church admits wrongdoing to its parishioners, where it is guilty of such.
  4. Upper level executives of the Church of Scientology have engaged in physical violence against others as a form of coercion and punishment. The Church, its executives and staff shall immediately cease and permanently discontinue the use of physical violence against other Scientologists, except in cases of self-defense.
  5. The Church of Scientology, despite protestations by its PR staff and others, has maintained a policy of forced “disconnection”, against the policies of LRH. The Church shall immediately discontinue the policy of forced “disconnection”. The action of “disconnection” may continue as a recommendation, but its execution shall be entirely at the discretion of affected Church members.
  6. The Church of Scientology has engaged in a policy of “Fair Game” against former members, despite the policy’s cancellation years ago by LRH. The policy of “Fair Game” shall be completely abolished forever. With relation to non-Scientologists and critics, Scientologists shall be held to the same behavioral standards as the rest of the society. This is notwithstanding LRH policy which recommends or demands the search for crimes among critics, and/or other clauses of this document.
  7. The Church of Scientology has wrongly marked those who disagreed with its conduct and resigned as “enemies” of the Church. The Church shall immediately issue a policy of amnesty covering all those in the Independent Field, to be conducted per LRH policy on amnesties. (The Church may, at its option, wish to apply this amnesty to current Church members as well. Such a thing would be strongly recommended.)
  8. The Church of Scientology instituted and maintained facilities at its international base, designed to torture and coerce executives and staff. One of these facilities was/is known as “The Hole”. The facility formerly or currently known as “The Hole” shall be abolished, if it still exists. It is not be ever be reconstituted in any form. Executives and staff are never to be tortured, neither physically, emotionally, mentally, nor spiritually. The practice of “Black Dianetics” shall be strictly forbidden when directed at Scientologists or former Scientologists.
  9. The Church of Scientology has conducted an expensive program of overt and covert surveillance of former members. The Church shall immediately cease overt and covert surveillance of former Church members.
  10. The Church of Scientology has turned its “Office of Special Affairs” into a dirty tricks/attack dog organization. It has justified its actions through the use of non-LRH and supposedly LRH (but otherwise authored) policies, and targeted particularly former Church members. The organization known as the “Office of Special Affairs” shall no longer be used to harass former members of the Church in any way. Further, it shall be scrubbed of all non-LRH policy related to its activities. Its is highly recommended that the Church “False Data Strip” all OSA personnel regarding non-LRH policy. Any OSA personnel subsequently acting according to policy other than LRH policy, or acting towards any purpose other than those originally established for the Guardian’s Office shall be disciplined in accordance with established LRH justice policy.
  11. The Church of Scientology has, in recent years, used the contents of its confessionals to blackmail, coerce and embarrass former and current members of the Church. The Church shall forthwith consider the contents of confessionals to be completely confidential. Unaudited confessionals (“sec checks”) shall not be condoned under any circumstances except the most extraordinary. The revelation of confessional contents to other than technical personnel shall be limited to Ethics Officers, and then only where such revelations would shed light on existing ethics and justice investigations. At no time, and under no circumstances (except as demanded by the law) shall such confessional details be revealed for the purpose of persuasion, blackmail, coercion or similar. Even in the face of legal pressure, the Church shall avoid such revelations for traditional religious and spiritual reasons.
  12. The Church of Scientology, at some point in the past, created the “International Association of Scientologists” (IAS) as a membership organization. It has regged countless Scientologists for millions of dollars to support activities which were never actually engaged in in any reasonable fashion. Further, it has used graduated membership levels in this organization to appeal to the self-importance buttons of Church members, and accord them privileges to which they otherwise would not be due. The Church shall never again adopt or enact a policy which rewards unequal status to Scientologists based on their monetary contributions to the Church or its ancillary organizations or activities. The Church shall immediately disband the IAS and fully reinstitute HASI membership as the only valid membership for Scientologists. Rates for HASI membership shall be as detailed in LRH policy. Anyone who has paid the IAS more than the lifetime HASI rates per LRH policy shall be credited with lifetime HASI membership.
  13. The Church of Scientology has engaged in a consistent program of requesting and demanding donations to projects (e.g. The Super Power building) outside of regular donations for services. This activity is strictly against clear LRH policy and prevents public from going up the Bridge, not to mention putting them into deep debt. The Church shall never again adopt or enact a policy which requests or demands funds from parishioners beyond their service donations. Obviously, this policy excludes books and materials, and HASI membership dues.
  14. The practice of “crush regging” shall immediately cease in any and all forms.
  15. The Church of Scientology has engaged in a program of buying (and sometimes lavishly furnishing) properties which cannot be supported by the Organizations for which they were intended. The Church shall rid itself of all properties which cannot be supported by the normal financial planning amounts of the Organizations to which they are attached or for which they were originally purchased. The Church shall never again involve itself in the purchase of such properties.
  16. The Church of Scientology has priced its services far out of the reach of the average working person. The Church shall re-examine all of its donation rates, and bring them into line with written LRH policy on what donation rates should normally be. It shall no longer charge exorbitant rates for its services. The Church shall take similar actions with regard to its books and e-meter prices. Where no specific LRH guidance prevails, rates (as those for e-meters) shall be set at no more than 200% of the actual manufacturing cost of any item.
  17. The Church of Scientology purchased the ocean vessel “Freewinds” some years ago, specifically to deliver OT VIII. This was not per LRH issues or advices. OT VIII was to be delivered at the Flag Service Organization (FSO). This vessel is expensive to operate and not needed. The Church shall, at its earliest opportunity, rid itself of the ocean vessel known as the “Freewinds”. It shall deliver OT VIII and any other “Freewinds only” services at the Flag Land Base instead.
  18. The Church of Scientology, in contravention of clear LRH policy, has routinely conducted live and recorded “International Events” several times a year. The Church shall dispense with all international events and dismantle any administrative units existing to support and/or execute such events.
  19. The Church of Scientology has, almost since the beginning of Solo NOTs delivery, insisted on six-month visits by pre-OTs on the level to Flag. Such visits now routinely entail security checks and major interruptions to Solo NOTs pre-OT’s auditing programs. There is no known LRH policy to support this. In fact, there is LRH policy that implicitly forbids such actions (it doesn’t specifically mention NOTs or Solo NOTs). Henceforth, no NOTs pre-OTs or other PCs or pre-OTs shall be required to report to Flag for “six month checks” or any other interval, unless their progress on their levels indicate an actual need for such a thing.
  20. The Church of Scientology, in conjunction with its “six month checks” of Solo NOTs Pre-OTs, has for years engaged in “not auditing you” security checks. While such were envisioned by LRH, they were to be used only in very specifically targeted circumstances, and not as a routine action. “Sec-checks” shall not be demanded of OTs on any level, unless existing and ongoing (and terminable) ethics investigations dictate such need.
  21. The Church of Scientology has for some time now been routinely interrupting the auditing programs of pre-OTs with other auditing actions. Actions undertaken in these interruptions include invalidation of one or more a pre-OT’s achieved levels, being put onto Objectives Processing, etc. OTs shall be allowed to get on with their auditing, and never forced to abandon their existing auditing programs for any other action, except as dictated by a fully qualified C/S of the level being audited.
  22. The Church of Scientology has allowed a practice known as “executive C/Sing”, where an executive or other personnel not connected with a case is allowed to dictate case actions. The Church shall forbid any and all executives or staff of whatever rank to act as case supervisor under any circumstances. No one except fully qualified C/Ses shall be allowed to program PCs or pre-OTs in any way. This includes tech-trained executives or staff who are not directly C/Sing a case. Only a fully qualified C/S assigned to C/S a case may suggest or order any case action for that PC or pre-OT whose case he is C/Sing.
  23. The Church of Scientology has consistently placed more and more arbitraries on the Bridge as prerequisites. This includes “The Basics”, which were never envisioned to be placed on the Bridge as a prerequisite to anything. The Church shall conduct a full investigation of Bridge arbitraries, particularly in the area of unnecessary prerequisites. All such arbitraries shall be removed immediately, including, but not limited to “The Basics”. Only LRH references shall be used to dictate Bridge actions, their order and their potential interruption.
  24. The Church of Scientology has instituted “The Basics” specifically as a prerequisite for any number of other Bridge actions. This was never approved by LRH, and likely would not have been, had they existed in his time. “The Basics” shall henceforth be removed as a prerequisite for any other training or auditing action. They shall be promoted as a separate action, designed to enhance understanding of Scientology and its history, and improve speed of Bridge progress.
  25. The Church of Scientology, and specifically the Flag Service Organization, has once again begun to boast of impossible speed of progress on the lower grades, in direct violation of clear LRH policy on the subject. The Church shall immediately re-institute full grades processes and technical policies. It shall cease to boast of speed of progress in the lower grades.
  26. The Church of Scientology has engaged in a program of “instant [suppressive person] declares”. Such declares are executed without the benefit of hearings, committees or other gradient and investigative justice actions. Public are subsequently informed, but never shown a written issue, if one is even ever issued. The Church shall immediately cease the use of “short circuited” justice actions. Full LRH justice policy shall be reinstituted. Suppressive Person declares shall be allowed only where the person actively exhibits a majority of “suppressive person” characteristics. Such declares or other justice actions shall only be done after the LRH requisite boards, hearings and/or committees have met and considered all evidence at hand. The approved findings and recommendations of any such justice actions shall be published as indicated by LRH justice policy. Disagreement with management shall not be a criterion for activation or execution of justice action against a Scientologist, unless it can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that such expressed disagreements are obviously or clearly intended to sow discontent or discord in an area. And in those cases, justice actions shall include investigation into areas or personnel being targeted by the accused, to ensure their complaints are not justified. If such targeted personnel or areas are found to be guilty according to justice policy, justice actions against those complaining shall be lessened or nullified. “Whistle-blowing” shall be encouraged and not penalized.
  27. The Church of Scientology instituted a suppressive program to remove or marginalize Sea Org parents and children. Pregnant Sea Org members have been coerced into obtaining abortions. In lieu of abortions, Sea Org mothers and parents have been relegated to lower non-SO orgs. All facilities for the care and education of children in the Sea Org have been removed or abandoned. LRH loved children and loved having them around. The Church shall no longer effectively ban children and parents from the Sea Organization. Rather, it shall gradiently make provisions for children of Sea Org members, for their care and proper education. “Family time” shall be re-introduced per original policy by LRH for the Sea Organization. Potential mothers shall no longer be encouraged or forced into abortion as an alternative to childbirth. Sea Org mothers and parents shall no longer be assigned to non-Sea Org orgs or other low-level duties in answer to having children.
  28. The Sea Organization has begun to use the “Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF)” as an endless gulag of punishment for members who have fallen out of favor for one reason or another. This was not the original LRH purpose for the RPF. The Church and Sea Organization shall immediately revert its de facto policy of endless Rehabilitation Project Forces (RPF). Original LRH RPF policy shall be resurrected and followed. RPF programs shall be rewritten to consist of short, definitive actions necessary to rehabilitate Sea Org members so assigned. Assignment to the RPF shall be considered a nearly last resort, where a Sea Org member does not appear to be otherwise salvageable.
  29. The Church of Scientology is currently paying several of its highest ranking members lavish sums and spending exorbitant amounts on their maintenance and upkeep. Church of Scientology and related organization executives and management shall no longer be paid lavish sums. They shall be paid instead in accordance with whatever payroll policy is in force in the units or organizations to which they are attached, but in no case shall they be paid more than twice the amount of the average personnel under them. This includes all Church or Sea Organization compensation of whatever kind. Nor shall they be allowed to live in facilities or accommodations which are beyond twice the value of those below them, except as paid for out of their own pockets.
  30. The Church of Scientology has consistently over the years been unable to ensure a reasonable living wage is paid to its staffs. This has resulted in staff having to “moonlight”. This was a problem when LRH was alive and continues to be one now. In fact, it has been a factor in the enmity with which certain jurisdictions regard the Church. The Church of Scientology shall conduct a full evaluation and pilot program to determine how best to affordably compensate staff of Organizations in such a way that they can live reasonably on what they earn, rather than living in poverty. Such evaluation should consult mission holders about their pay systems, and keep in mind that unproductive Organizations may not be able to support the number of staff they contain. Suitability of staff (their past performance and training) for the jobs they actually occupy should be taken into account. Staff of Sea Organization units shall be exempt from this evaluation, but should still be compensated fairly (above the room and board provided for them as part of their compensation).
  31. By all accounts, the upper levels of Church of Scientology executives have been removed and decimated. The Church of Scientology shall immediately endeavor to repopulate the ranks of its executive organizations as envisioned at the time of LRH’s death. Such organizations shall include, but not be limited to the International Executive Strata, Watchdog Committee (WDC), the Religious Technology Center, Church of Spiritual Technology, Commodore’s Messenger Organization and any such similar organizations. Personnel posted in such organizations shall be appropriately trained and experienced for whatever positions they fill, and have demonstrated competence.
  32. The Church of Scientology’s international and continental management have consistently engaged in a program of bypassing Organization executives with voluminous orders and programs. Organizational executives must be allowed to get on with it without interference from management. Moreover, it appears there are far too many poorly trained and unqualified personnel at these levels. International and Continental management units shall be thinned of personnel as needed and henceforth act as advisors to the Organizations under them. They shall not order into Organizations in any capacity. Personnel in such units shall be vetted for their training and competence levels. Only those with adequate training and experience for their posts shall be retained. Those thinned may enter a pool to be trained, audited and groomed as future executives, or service organization personnel. Personnel “thinned” shall not be subject to denigration or harassment for such thinning.
  33. The Church of Scientology has consistently allowed its staffs to go without enhancement, sometimes for years at a time. The Church of Scientology shall immediately ensure a minimum of 2-1/2 hours of staff enhancement each day. The Church shall not allow staff duties to interfere with staff enhancement. Obviously, the Church shall ensure facilities and staff exist in sufficient quantity and of sufficient quality to a accommodate whatever staff exist in an Organization. The Church shall consider this enhancement a duty to its staff.
  34. Overwhelming evidence indicates that, despite the recent issue of the Basics, they were edited with bias. The Church of Scientology shall institute a long-term research project to ensure that all publications of whatever kind are faithful to the original LRH source material. This includes books, transcripts and recordings. Any discrepancies found shall be corrected and the subject materials re-issued in final form. Public shall be allowed to purchase such corrected materials at a price of cost of manufacture plus no more than 10%.
  35. The Flag Service Organization has embarked on a program to steal public and service dollars from lower Organizations. It shall henceforth cease promoting its lower level services to public. Its publications, regges and tours shall promote instead its Flag-only rundowns, OT levels and case cracking actions to interested publics.
  36. The Church of Scientology has abandoned all efforts to field “Universe Corps” teams for Organizations, and in fact disbanded those which did, at one time, exist. The Church shall survey Orgs deserving of such teams, and assemble and dispatch them to deserving Organizations as soon as is feasible. In the meantime, it shall set up a training pool or program to fire such teams to Orgs which deserve the teams as soon as the Orgs meet the appropriate requirements per LRH policy.
  37. The Church of Scientology has solicited millions to create the “Super Power Building”. This building was never needed and never envisioned under LRH policy regarding the Super Power Rundown. The Super Power Rundown was originally slated to be delivered at Saint Hills, with no special facilities. The Church shall re-task the Super Power Building (though it may still be used to deliver this rundown). The pilot materials for this rundown shall be found and verified. As soon as is practicable, it shall be exported to Saint Hills.
  38. The Church of Scientology has forwarded a justice code authored by L. Ron Hubbard which designates that certain kinds of speech are actionable and forbidden. This includes the ability speak out against certain “bright lights” and senior personnel in Scientology. Unfortunately, it was never predicted that such brighter lights and senior personnel might actually be, themselves, suppressive. Moreover, this policy contradicts the basic right of humans (and thetans) to express their thoughts according to their consciences, regardless of other circumstances. The Church shall investigate and eliminate all such policies, most especially those which interfere with the right of free speech.
  39. The Church of Scientology and the Sea Org has all but crushed the world wide mission network. It has victimized mission holders and sought to ride roughshod over missions and dictate to them. It has ordered into missions on a bypass of mission holders and mission executives. It has illegally and unfairly converted missions to orgs. This is unacceptable and unjust, and violates LRH policy on missions. The Church shall henceforth cease to manage, dictate to, or convert missions, fields groups and field auditors. They shall be left alone to follow their own paths and expand as they see fit, without interference from the Church or its agents. The Church shall not, for any reason, withhold or deny training or auditing to mission staff or executives, except under the same circumstances that org staff or executives would be denied training or auditing. The Church and/or its management shall be allowed to collect funds from missions no larger than 10% of their gross income. But the percentage of collection must be agreed to by the majority of missions in existence at the time such agreement is proposed. The Church should set up terminals or “management units” which provide valuable programs, projects, hatting or advice to missions. However, in no way shall the Church or such “management units” actually manage missions. And any programs, projects or advice from the Church shall be followed only at the discretion of each mission, without pressure. Any Church units connected with missions in any way shall make themselves fully aware of and follow LRH policy regarding missions. Any so-called “justice” actions previously enacted against missions or mission holders shall be reviewed in light of actual justice and ethics policy at the request of those involved. Such actions which have not followed proper LRH justice policy shall be vacated, and proper status restored to those victimized. Any future justice actions against missions or mission holders shall be conducted in strict accordance with LRH justice policy.
  40. The Church of Scientology has maintained actions designed to prevent those in the Field from practicing Scientology through the use of copyright and trademark enforcement. This shall cease immediately, as it violates not only international law but commonly accepted morality. Henceforth, the Church of Scientology shall not enforce copyright nor trademark law against any entities or persons who wish to practice Scientology.

2 thoughts on “40 Theses

  1. Thetamusic on said:

    Find out how David Mayo replaced with his squirrel NED tech the original LRH Standard Dianetics tech, and the original LRH OT Levels with his “NOTs” mumbo-jumbo, here:

    How this was done?

    Go and find out how the Church has been infiltrated by the US intelligence services since probably much earlier than 1972, here:

    Then consider expanding your 40 Theses with some more.

  2. Just to give one example: In 1978 LRH redefined floating needle: “Rhythmic swing…”

    Most of the problems began with LRH.

    You’ll have to face that uncomfortable fact sooner or later.

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