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Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

Life and Causation

Please note: I did not get this information from a book, bulletin or lecture. It is a summary of my observations. They may or may not correspond with yours. But I believe a trip up Ron’s carefully crafted Bridge would bear them out for you as well.

I was talking on the phone with a friend of mine yesterday, and early on we both acknowledged that nothing important or Earth-shattering was going on in our lives. I told her that I lived a boring life, which is how I preferred it, and she said that as a Solo NOTs pre-OT, she could handle daily life ups and downs in her sessions. For what it’s worth, I am Clear, with perhaps a few unacknowledged additional case states from last lifetime in the early 1950s.

Basic fact: This universe (or any other you care to make) is built on a moment by moment agreement you are making with other thetans on the shape of things. Your life is a combination of random (but agreed upon by you) and non-random events. In addition, most if not all events you conceive of as random are in fact not random at all, but caused by you or agreed to by you. Example of a non-random event: driving to the store to buy some milk. Example of random event: someone bangs into your car on the way to the store.

Upshot: You’re responsible for the shape of your life. Yes, you.

You may have noticed that there are people in your life who seem to live in a whirlwind of disorganized chaos. There always seem to be major events going on with them. A lot of drama, a lot of action. Lots of peaks and valleys of emotion and lots of seemingly random but important events. In fact, this may describe your actual life.

And then there are people who live quiet staid lives, where nothing much of importance ever happens. Random events are rare, and calm seems to reign. Things normally run off like clockwork for them. Maybe that kind of life is yours.

(I make the distinction between these two extremes because it eases getting my point across. Many people’s lives are lived somewhere in the middle of these two extremes.)

This difference in people’s lives is mostly a matter of taste. Some thetans thirst for drama, excitement, sensation, something to keep them interested in living. Others prefer it when the only drama they see is on television or at the movies. This applies up and down the Bridge. You could be a wog or OT XXIII and prefer the dramatic life or the quiet life. The choice is yours and you make it on a moment-by-moment basis.

Sometimes people seem to object to the life they lead. People living the dramatic life will proclaim, “Why does this always happen to me?” And people living the quiet life will complain, “How come nothing exciting ever happens to me?” This makes it seem as though they aren’t in control. They live one way, but complain about it, as though some other entity, like the MEST universe, is controlling their lives. But I have big news. The MEST universe is not sentient. It couldn’t care less what kind of life you experience, and in fact has no direct control over events in your life.

(In older times, deities were often assigned the responsibility for what happened in people’s lives. This is still the case in some religions today. People will say that, “[fill in the deity] has a plan for me, a reason for all this”. Only problem is, you’ll have a helluva time proving that, and it doesn’t lead to a solution to the problems of life. On the other hand owning authorship of your life fully does lead to resolving the problems of life. But normally it takes a lot of auditing to take on that ownership fully.)

Without looking to burden you excessively, it’s worth considering just how many “plates” a thetan is spinning at one time. Each and every thing going “right” or going “wrong” in your life is a result of your considerations and postulates about it. All of it. From the smallest molecule of a virus which you just breathed in to the poured concrete foundations under your house.

With all this said, it’s also worth considering the other thetans in your environment. They may or may not share the same considerations about life (dramatic or quiet) that you do. But whatever choices they make can affect your life profoundly. This is particularly true on the Second Dynamic. Being a person living the quiet life and selecting for your 2D a drama queen (or king) may result in years of bypassed charge and aggravation. Similarly, being of the dramatic persuasion and selecting for a 2D someone who prefers peace and quiet may result in years of asking yourself, “Why did I marry such a stick in the mud?” This is something to consider on your way to the altar. And it applies to the extended family of your prospective 2D as well. After all, marrying someone gets you their family in the same bargain.

All of this is hard to fully grasp low on the Bridge. It gets easier the higher you go. I imagine that at some point, the simple facts presented here reveal themselves with blinding clarity, and the realization that, “Why yes, indeed I do control all the events in my life!” And along with that realization comes the additional cognition that you actually can exert control over what you thought was random before. The Bridge is designed to bring you up by gradients to greater and greater control and responsibility, all across the dynamics.

Whether you prefer the quiet life or the dramatic one.


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