Martin Luther

Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

A World Without Thetans

I currently have a young (15 years old) relative who is, for unknown reasons, in the hospital under heavy sedation, with a questionable prognosis. The doctors are treating her symptoms, but they don’t know why she has these symptoms, what the symptoms add up to, or what caused them. And I hate to be harsh about this, but it’s anyone’s guess whether she will live or die. All of the immediate family is in town, virtually living at the hospital, and much of the extended family is here as well. You can imagine, there is more than enough grief and head-scratching to go around. My wife and I are the only ones of the family who are Scientologists. All the rest are Christians or agnostic/atheist (or none of the above).

As a Scientologist, I look at this as a simple equation: This thetan is having to decide whether to fight, repair and re-occupy this body, or abandon it and go on to the next life. I don’t envy her in having to make this choice. It would be a hard choice for anyone, but especially one so young.

So, we (my wife and I) were in the car with one of the extended relatives the other night, and I made the statement that it was up to this girl whether she lived or died. It was her body and it would have to be her choice whether to live or die. There was a pause from the back seat where our extended relative was sitting. Then she said, “But how can she know? How could she decide that?”

This particular extended relative had had some exposure to Scientology in her youth, but was otherwise uncommitted and uneducated spiritually, neither Christian nor any other discernible religion. The implication of her statement was that, being virtually comatose, our ill mutual relative would be unable to perceive or consider any choice with regard to the body.

My wife replied that you’d be surprised at what a being perceived, even in a comatose state.

And thus ended the conversation.

The whole thing reminded me (and here is the point of this essay) that there are huge swaths of our planet’s population who believe that meat bodies are the pinnacle of evolution, that there there is nothing beyond genes, chemicals and MEST, and that you only live once and there is nothingness beyond death. (Thank you modern science and psychs.)

Imagine the world these people live in. Imagine a world where MEST is king and thetans are nothing, don’t exist. Where genes rule, and where what you amount to in life is basically up to who born ya. Where what you do, feel and think are determined entirely by the peculiar combination of chemicals which happen to be swimming around in your body at any given time. If you have ever read some of the more dystopian novels of our time (e.g. Nineteen Eighty Four), that’s the world these people live in. And if you look at the world objectively, you can see the symptoms of such dystopias increasing every day on this planet. And chances are, these people don’t even realize it.

So, rejoice in the fact that you know there are thetans, capable of vastly heroic, noble actions, near infinite creativity and wondrous joy. You are privy to a wonderful secret. But it doesn’t have to remain secret. And it may not require conking people on the head to get them to glimpse this world as it truly is. Perhaps a suggestion at the right time, the right words under the right circumstances. Maybe a little session or two. Or a chapter or two out of one of our LRH books to read.

There is hope. We have it and they need it. Spread it around. And don’t forget to make clear once in a while who gave it to us.


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