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E-Meter Wisdom

Apparently, I haven’t made this point strongly or cogently enough:

If you’re hooking an erstwhile “e-meter” up to a smart phone, personal computer, tablet or any other kind of multi-purpose electronic gear, you are not going to get proper immediate response to the preclear or pre-OT.

The above types of devices are “general purpose”. They were made to do a variety of things. They are not dedicated to one and only one task. As a result, they perform a variety of tasks all at once, most unseen by you. If you’ve ever noticed a lag in the response of any of them, you’ve witnessed exactly what I’m talking about. This is especially true if the device is infected by viruses or spy-ware. They are not suitable to immediately registering the response to the auditing question by a preclear or pre-OT. They have a variable built-in lag in their response to any one task. This isn’t debatable. It’s a point of fact. And if we’re talking about hooking up an “e-meter” to the Internet, all bets are off. The Internet was never built to provide lag-less response to any process or type of particle. If you’ve ever spent more than ten minutes on the Internet, you’ve seen this directly.

Therefore, if you’re going to hook your preclear or pre-OT up to and audit them with an analog meter, a digital meter, or two cans and a string, you must ensure that the device you’re using is manufactured for one and only one purpose: measuring preclear and pre-OT response. In other words, it’s an e-meter and an e-meter only. That doesn’t necessarily mean it was manufactured by or for Gold or the Church. There are meters made in the Field which probably fulfill this purpose perfectly well. But they are e-meters. They are manufactured to be just e-meters. This means they will not also make phone calls, help with your taxes or entertain your kids for hours with video games. As an added bonus, these “Field” e-meters are considerably less expensive than the currently only-legal-meter Mark VIIIs.

Let me also add that if you’re a preclear or pre-OT and you sit down to be audited by someone who wants to audit you with some gizmo hooked to a smart phone, tablet or PC, please immediately exit the room and insist your auditor audit you with a proper e-meter. Do not otherwise trust your case to that auditor, no matter how good their reputation or how nifty their TRs.

I have in excess of thirty-five years building, working with and programming computers, so I know what I’m talking about on this score. But such experience isn’t even required. Your own common sense should tell you I’m right, if you understand what I’ve said above. Please heed my advice.

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