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A Fine Mess, Part 2

My last post made reference to an excellent post on SaveScientology. Here’s that link again: A fine mess.

The sponsors of SaveScientology are supposedly highly trained Church members in good standing, who are, as yet, anonymous and under the radar. I won’t argue with their choice in this. Whatever works for you. They have the idea that the original trustees/directors of the independent Boards who are supposed to be in charge of Scientology should be encouraged to again take charge and oust David Miscavige. I’d like to make a couple of points about this strategy.

First off, the Marty/Mike (Rathbun/Rinder) strategy has been to flush the crimes of David Miscavige into the open. They’ve done this by giving lots of interviews to the press, and providing “expert” testimony in other people’s litigation. Now Marty’s wife, Monique, is suing the various management entities of the Church for harassment. This last action is probably their most powerful to date. I’ve always considered the “public disclosure” strategy to be of truly questionable value. I’m not sure what they expected to come of it, other than a lot of heat from the press. It directly violates the Code of Scientologist (giving interviews to the press about Scientology), airs our dirty laundry in public, and could backfire in ultimately causing the authorities to dismantle the Church. That outcome strikes me as a sort of “scorched earth” strategy. If, for some reason, the authorities seize Church assets or become custodians of them, the Church as we have known it is truly doomed. Of course, given what we now know of Marty’s intentions, that may just be the point. In any case, aside from Monique’s lawsuit, I’ve never been confident that the “public shaming” strategy would ever gain us anything of value, except to invite government intervention, which would be disastrous.

(The point could reasonably be made that all us bloggers are airing the Church’s dirty laundry. True enough. However, it should be clear that most of us are talking to each other here on the internet. And it’s not quite the same thing as giving interviews to the press. At least, I don’t consider it the same thing.)

On the other hand, I suspect that the sane ones among us, if polled, would prefer that the Church reform itself from the inside. As I’ve said before, this could have been done decades ago by people like Marty and Mike. It could likewise have been carried out by any number of other high-ranking Church management terminals. And theoretically could still be done. And this appears to be the preferred outcome, as envisioned by the folks at SaveScientology. This would preserve the essential skeleton of Scientology, which could be built back up to the planet-saving entity it once was. The SaveScientology folks even claim to have competent lawyers on retainer to aid in this effort, if need be. As I said before, I would have bet money this couldn’t be done. But just maybe….

If the SaveScientology people can assist in pulling this off successfully, they’re owed Kha Khan status, and our continuing gratitude for some time. I’d certainly support them in this. As I hope you would. At any rate, their strategy and their approach to it gives me hope. Perhaps they just need our postulates added to theirs to pull off the “big win”. It’s the least we can do.

A fine mess…

Recently, someone from the SaveScientology site posted an essay on the current state of the Church of Scientology, Monique Rathbun’s lawsuit, and what might be expected for the future. This essay is well-reasoned, well-organized and devoid of the usual HE&R. The essay is quite long, and the authors also provide very patient, reasoned responses to comments, which responses are also worth reading.

The sponsors of the site are anonymous, but supposedly highly trained members of the Church still in good standing, and backed by a squad of competent lawyers on retainer. Their outlook for the future of the Church is more optimistic than mine. But if they are right and I’m wrong, the outcome will be better than most anyone in the Field could hope for. So I hope they’re right and I am wrong.

In any case, the post is deserving of a good study by everyone in the Field (and the Church, for that matter). It can be read here: A Fine Mess. Highly recommended.

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