Martin Luther

Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

Suppressive Persons

I’ve recently heard it expressed that there are those who are afraid to speak out against suppressive persons in our Field.

For those to which this might apply, you should remember that failure to handle (or disconnect, your option) can keep you at effect of an SP, keep you PTS and prevent or temporarily wipe out gains in auditing.

If you are concerned about the supposed “power” or “influence” of SPs, and concerned about the possible consequences of speaking out, handling or disconnecting from them, note the following datum from HCOPL 7 August 1965 Suppressive Persons, Main Characteristics Of:

An SP can only restimulate another, he has no power of his own.


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One thought on “Suppressive Persons

  1. Doing solo NOTS is very good for speaking out and not being restimmed by SPs-Highly recommend it. PTSness is no fun.

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