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The Scientology Expansion Pattern

Ron would have been perfectly happy to have a “one-shot clear” or “one-shot OT”. His work could have been done much more quickly, and he could have devoted his time to sailing the world and/or writing thrilling fiction. But it didn’t happen that way. Man is a complex being, and it’s taken a near forever to push him down as far in the soup as he finds himself here on this planet.

By the same token, Ron didn’t continually develop new levels, processes and rundowns out of boredom, or to give the Church of Scientology something new to sell. See HCOPL 20 Aug 1979 Marketing Series 1 PR Series 34 Dianetics and Scientology Are New. Anyone who makes such an assertion is clearly attempting to insult Ron and downgrade the tech he developed.

The wealth of levels and technology developed over the years of Ron’s life was an attempt to “peel the onion” which is Man, and to enable him to dig himself out and make a better life for himself and his fellows. The most basic research was done first, and additional tech was developed as it became clear that there were more obstacles in the way. When finally it appeared that all the necessary tech had been developed to handle any conceivable problem in ethics, technology or administration, Ron finally returned to writing fiction and films (whose purpose was to augment existing technology).

If you worked at it full time, both sides of the Bridge, and on the admin side as well, you could probably get through all that Scientology has to offer in ten years or so. If, on the other hand, like most people, you approached it part-time, such a journey could take decades. You wouldn’t run out of things to do for quite some time. Nor would you fall short on wins. At the end of that journey, you could write your own ticket, either within Scientology or in the world at large. You would be a full trained auditor, administrator, and full OT. That’s probably enough adventure for anyone. It’s certainly enough services for the Church to get plenty of your money, even with reasonable prices.

And if your dynamics were properly aligned at the end of your road, you would be devoting a fair amount of your time to helping Ron get a show on the road here on Earth.

As indicated in the above reference, Ron’s intention was not to cater particularly to those already in Scientology. A winning Scientologist is relatively easy to keep on the Bridge until they’re done. But Scientologists, at their height, made up a small fraction of the population. As Ron said, there were still billions more here for whom Dianetics and Scientology were completely new. Those were the people Ron wished Scientology to reach.

The expansion pattern of Scientology did not die with LRH, without whom no new services or rundowns were possible. The expansion pattern of Scientology, as evidenced by the three public divisions in most orgs, depends on people who are brand new to Scientology. With billions of humans on Earth, the expansion of Scientology could have gone on for centuries, had it not been stopped and corrupted, generally by the very same people who claim that Scientology’s future died with LRH. The route up the Bridge is very narrow, and there is only one way (per LRH) to do it. Whereas the routes onto the Bridge are numerous. Consider the ancillary activities set up to reach into society and funnel people onto the Bridge: businesses (WISE), missions (SMI), education (Applied Scholastics), drug abuse (Narconon), prisons (Crimanon), etc. Those potential new Scientologists are the ones relied upon to truly expand Scientology. They are augmented by sales of books, body routing, Personal Efficency Courses, OCA handouts, FSMs etc.

Incidentally, people who suggest or state that Ron borrowed, in whatever degree, from psychology to develop Dianetics and Scientology are exhibiting the outpoint of “wrong source”, to put it politely. The evidence is abundant that such is not the case. Listen to “The Story of Dianetics and Scientology”. Read Dianetics the Evolution of a Science. Early on, Ron did acknowledge a certain indebtedness to people like Sigmund Freud for having the idea that people could get better. But from the moment that the dynamic principle of existence was discovered (1938) to the time the Dianetics book was published (1950), the subject developed in the only way possible, at the hands of the only person who would have developed it properly.

Psychology is about controlling minds. Look at the products of psychology and examine its methods. Such a conclusion is inevitable except by those who have a vested interest in the subject. It’s funny that the very same people who advocate in favor of psychology are often those whose lives and/or families have already been ruined by psychology.

Scientology is about freeing souls.

And it’s a sure thing that if psychology ever acknowledged the existence of the human soul, wholesale, their focus would then shift to enslaving it. Somebody on the whole track invented implanting, and it wasn’t the plumbers or the taxi drivers.

Suppressive Persons

I’ve recently heard it expressed that there are those who are afraid to speak out against suppressive persons in our Field.

For those to which this might apply, you should remember that failure to handle (or disconnect, your option) can keep you at effect of an SP, keep you PTS and prevent or temporarily wipe out gains in auditing.

If you are concerned about the supposed “power” or “influence” of SPs, and concerned about the possible consequences of speaking out, handling or disconnecting from them, note the following datum from HCOPL 7 August 1965 Suppressive Persons, Main Characteristics Of:

An SP can only restimulate another, he has no power of his own.

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