Martin Luther

Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

Individuals Versus Groups

It is sometimes stunning to me how much wisdom you can find in seldom-cited LRH references. These are HCOPLs, HCOBs and the like which hardly anyone has read, but which contain data which is actually amazingly useful across a broad spectrum.

I was thumbing through my OEC Vol 6 the other day and came across one of these: HCOPL 23 Nov 69 Individuals vs Groups. It’s in my old mid-70s OEC Volume 6. I would recommend it most particularly to those who believe that Scientology can be alloyed, allied or “integrated” into other groups or bodies of knowledge.

The wide survey done in accordance with LRH ED Int 14 of 1 Aug 68 Broad Public Questionnaire, the results summarized in LRH ED Int 37 of 23 Nov 69 Reform Mailing Results gives us two valuable data:

  1. DO NOT LECTURE OR DISSEM TO SOCIAL OR PUBLIC GROUPS. (The full list is in these 2 LRH EDs.)

Public and social groups, from governments to garden clubs, are organized around some agreed upon solution and were organized because of and to support some fixed solution such as an ideology or a quick buck or a dominance solution.

In such a case you are talking to and at an idea fixe. It fears anything that might shake its pet aberration.

Indeed, by addressing it directly as a group by a lecture or a mailing you can solidify the consistent antagonism it feels to anything different to its ideas.

Such groups are also a mutual protection society and their members are to a greater or lesser degree personally defensive but collectively agressive.

Such groups can usually be neglected in matters of dissemination.

In other words, while you can put out advertisements and should, actual dissemination is done individual by individual.

And here is another passage from that reference which is a virtual bundle of written dynamite. Consider the quote and then look at organizations like the NAACP or the U.S. government’s Department Of Education.

We also long ago learned this cynical axiom: “Groups tend to perpetuate the conditions which they are formed to combat”.

This HCOPL is three pages long, but worth looking up and studying. There is far more to it than I have quoted here.


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