Martin Luther

Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

By Their Actions…

A short time ago, someone in a private email to me mentioned the HCOB “By Their Actions…”. I hadn’t read this in a long time and decided to find and read it again. It’s HCOB 28 May 1960. I’ll quote selected parts of it below:

By their actions you shall know them, whether bad or good, whether on another side or ours. …

The good can help. The bad will not or if they do, they “help” only to betray. …

Know your friends. It’s strange that those who argue with us against our goals and Scientology cannot conceive of honest help. Discuss help with them and you’ll find their tone and whether they are worth a lot as friends.

This is the test that you can use to separate the good from bad and then clear-eyed begin to make a world in which all life can live.

As always, I would encourage people to find and read the whole issue for themselves.


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