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Marty Versus Milestone Two


Full disclosure: I’ve tracked the gradual roll-out of Milestone Two and signed up as an Associate Member. I agree with the objectives of the group and postulate their success.

Marty Rathbun

I’m unapologetically a “with LRH” Scientologist (Marty Rathbun’s terminology). I’ve been through enough decades in Scientology that I’ve witnessed a number of instances where LRH had to pick up the pieces after some SP altered the technology or led Scientologists astray. It has always been every Scientologist’s job to ensure such things don’t happen, or if they do, they don’t propagate any further. When LRH moved on, it very squarely became our job to monitor and call out abuses and alterations of Scientology. “Keeping Scientology Working” and “Safeguarding Technology” are now our job. And now that the Church can be counted upon to do the opposite, it doubly becomes our job.

Regular readers of this blog will recall that I’ve made Marty Rathbun the subject of a few posts, sometimes without mentioning him by name. Why? Because it became gradually clear to me that Marty was moving in the opposite direction of Ron’s version of Scientology.

Marty says this was never a secret. And if you read the founding documents of his blog, you might agree. But this was not so clear for the first few years of his blog. Casual readers of his blog might mistake him for a “with LRH” Scientologist.

But at some point, he appeared to change course. At that point, I began to “target” him in my blog entries. I felt it necessary to sound the warning about him.

And you may have noticed I don’t mention Marty much any more, even obliquely. That’s because he’s made it so clear where he’s going, I don’t feel it’s necessary for me to say anything. He’s damning himself by his own utterances.

Milestone Two

Predictably, there has been friction generated in the Field over the new Milestone Two group. They are a fledgling attempt to finally assert some organization in the Field without acting as overlords. The organization is voluntary and relatively inexpensive to join. They exist to support projects and activities which would be in concert with the objectives of Scientology (not the current Church of Scientology) and expand its reach outside the Church.

Let’s take a look at Milestone Two.

  • It’s a volunteer group, with an inexpensive membership fee. If you don’t want to join, you don’t have to. No one’s forcing you to have anything to do with them. You don’t need their permission to survive.
  • Membership can include anyone who agrees with their goals and purposes, including non-Scientologists.
  • Their published intent and planned activities appear to be in the direction of promoting and expanding LRH’s version of Scientology. This can only benefit the Field and the planet.
  • The group has no connection with the current Church of Scientology. Always a good thing.
  • Theoretically, the group could not force you to do or not do anything. Unless you’re a member. And even then, I see nothing in the founding documents which can force you to take or not take any action, based on the dictates of the group. (Obviously, time will tell on this one. But the founding documents don’t allow for it.)
  • The group is just getting started. They have no track record. They may end up being a blazing success or a fizzling non-entity. It’s far too early to know. You have plenty of time to decide whether their products match their intent. If you want to support them in their fledgling stage, you can. Or you can wait for real statistics to show up.
  • Given the above, why would anyone attack Milestone Two? You could go the rest of your life ignoring them, and succeed or fail, they’d have no effect on you at all. The only reason to attack them would be if you wished them to fail.

Marty versus Milestone Two

Perhaps also predictably, a loud note of dissent has been sounded by Marty Rathbun in his blog entry of 20 June 2013: The Way Out Is Not The Way Back In.

In the above blog entry, Marty besmirches the reputations of the founding members of Milestone Two, and attacks the principles on which the group is founded. Oddly, he doesn’t allow the same ad hominem attacks by commenters to that post.

Whether the founders of Milestone Two are as depraved as he makes them out to be, I don’t know. For all I know, Marty could be lying. And frankly, I don’t care. Their products will tell the tale. What’s more important is Marty’s attempt to run down the founding principles and potential members of the group.

For a long time, my position on Marty was that he was probably simply misguided, caught up in the guilt of his own overts and dragging around a lot of unhandled problems. My wife was less sympathetic. She came to believe early on that Marty’s intent was impure. I have to say that, after this latest attack, I have come to agree with her.

I could be wrong. I hope I am. But virtually everything Marty has said in the last few weeks or months appears to indicate that he wishes “with LRH” Scientologists and Scientology itself harm.

You’re welcome to draw your own conclusion. That is mine.

My Bias

When I was a member of the Church of Scientology, I didn’t defend its crimes and shortcomings. I spoke out. That’s probably why I had so much “justice” leveled at me.

Although I am a member of Milestone Two, I do not and will not defend the group if I feel they are wrong. As is appropriate in any group, I will attempt to make changes through internal channels. If this fails, I will attempt to do so through more public means. I would expect any member to do the same. And I would hope that those in charge of Milestone Two would expect nothing less from their members.

If we expect whatever becomes of Scientology to last on this planet, we all must be vigilant and vocal in ensuring our groups and our activities are clean and adhere to the basic principles laid down by LRH.


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6 thoughts on “Marty Versus Milestone Two

  1. I am a member too-maybe you can email me. Heh Marty is a squirrel, so of course he is all bent out of shape and he is trying to take as many with him as he can. He is taking advantage of people’s charge on the Co$ for his own nefarious purposes. It’s all in the Tech.
    I have done several years of solo auditing and I am so uncharged on the Co$!!!! MS2 is going in the right direction.

  2. Agreed. These people in the Field seem to hang on to their BPC like it’s the last possession they have on Earth. I don’t understand why, when they get free of the Church, they don’t make a bee line for the only thing which can help them– an auditor who can run L1Cs, RPEC, O/W and such. Get it handled! Then you can go on to your next level with no attention on the Church or Miscavige. It seems blindingly obvious, and I’m not even a trained auditor.

    Lana is handling the situation very evenly, from what I can see. No HE&R. Just go ahead with what you’re doing and let Marty dig his hole deeper and deeper.

    I’ll send you a private message. Thanks for your comment.

  3. john reguerra on said:

    Milestone two make sense. It is logical. Wants expand Scientology . But its set up is utterly a copy of the Church after the take over. Yes free zone, independent and new indie are not “organized”. The real issue here is that ANY INT BASE SO MEMBER CST,RTC,WDC, CMO EXEC STRATA etc. have willing or unwilling contributed to alter and lose, LRH Technology. Free zone and Independent do not need organization, the planet do not need new indie (INT BASE )Technology. What is needed and wanted is the original and lost LRH Tech. Sorry but the word is out and that is want is needed and wanted from the new indies. It is very suspicion that you new indies are not addressing this issue. Why?

    • I’m sorry but your English is fractured enough that I can’t figure out what point you’re making. I (and MS2) obviously believe that the Field needs organization. See “Org Board and Livingness” and any of a number of other references where Ron echoes this. In fact, LRH didn’t write reams of policy because organization was unneeded. Just the opposite.

      I’m not sure what you think is the “original and lost LRH Tech”. What is needed and wanted from “new indies” very much depends on who you ask. The Field is not unified on much, including what is needed and wanted from us.

      I’m also not clear on what issue you believe the “new indies” are not addressing. In addition, I don’t know that we’re obligated to address any issue at all, except as our consciences dictate.

  4. AnonIndie on said:

    Right on! Totally agree. I think Marty is a squirrel SP too. And I’ve also noticed that although he defends his own right to criticize, he rails against those who disagree with him. It’s too bad too, because if he was in his right mind, he would be such a more powerful agent of change. I know a couple of the members of Milestone Two, including one of the founding members, who I count as a personal and dear friend of many many years (20+) — Lana Mitchell. I have never observed her to be anything but up right, up front, up tone, and I totally trust her. Good for you for calling it like it is. I just stopped reading his blogs, but you called a spade a spade.

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