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Milestone Two

Against a Field which seemed solidly against the idea, I have urged for quite a long time that we as a group need to get organized. There is some fragmented and spotty organization here and there, but nothing broad and widespread until now. Lana Mitchell and ten others have taken it upon themselves to initiate an international membership organization for anyone interested. It is being rolled out over the next week or so. I’m not privy to the details, which Lana plans to publicize over the next week.

Not being one of the founding members, I know very little about it. I don’t know if it will be worthwhile. I don’t know if it will be productive. I don’t know if it will be oriented properly. I don’t know if it will last.

But I’m hopeful and optimistic.

If you’d like to be in on the news as it unfolds, you can start with the initial posting here and continue coming back to over the next week for more details.

Incidentally, it’s called “Milestone Two”. Lana gives an explanation for the name in the posting above.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say about it a week from now (I usually do). Until then….


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