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Scientology Wins

A commenter to another blogger’s blog recently suggested that they were tired of all the bad news, and would like to read about some good news for a change. I think that’s not a bad idea. So let me give you a win my wife and I experienced.

My wife and I met (this lifetime) while we were both students at the International Training Organization (ITO) in Los Angeles. She was from the East Coast studying through the FEBC, and I was from Los Angeles studying through the OEC. The study schedule was comparable to a Sea Org work schedule. She was quite an excellent student, getting through her courses in (unreasonable) checksheet time and tearing through the material with vigor. I was a good student, but much more laid back. She was relatively new in Scientology, but I’d gotten into Scientology a decade before and this was my third instance of being on staff. Needless to say, I’d been through the ringer a few times already.

In any case, because of various postulates we’d both made long long ago, we were attracted to each other. One thing led to another, and we ended up in bed together one night. And everything would have been okay, except that my new lover almost immediately felt pangs of conscience. She turned us into HCO the next day. I’ve teased her for years about being a squealer, but I understood and respected her choice.

Of course, this wasn’t exactly the type of activity the Sea Org staff of ITO wanted to see their outer org students engaging in. The HAS, an older woman of French Canadian birth with a naturally sour disposition, was livid with us. She was ready to have us declared. She immediately commanded that we could not associate with each other, either in or out of class, and put us both on various ethics and clean-up programs. My lover got some 2D FPRD, I got some False Data Stripping, etc. And of course, we both had to start off in quite low ethics conditions. In the meantime the HAS had to have the International Justice Chief (IJC) clean her up on the fact that we weren’t Sea Org, so the Sea Org’s 2D rules didn’t apply to us. Her plans to have us shot from guns dashed by IJC, she continued to put barriers in front of us.

But eventually it came down to this: we were ready to confront the question of possibly having a long term 2D, and the next step was a Non-Existence formula. And that’s where the big win comes in. When was the last time you heard of anyone embarking on a real live Non-Existence formula before they got married? Just doesn’t happen.

But it did with us. We discussed our backgrounds, what we wanted from the second dynamic, what we would expect of each other, etc. We covered all kinds of nooks and crannies, and did a thorough Non-Existence formula. And ultimately we got married. The HAS was thwarted, but the other students at ITO were, in the majority, rooting for us.

(If you detect some sarcasm with respect to that old HAS, your perceptions are correct. I still find it amusing how upset she was with us and how much counter-intention she leveled at us. I like to tease my wife that the only reason I married her was to p*ss off that woman.)

I’m happy to say that we’ve been married for 25 years, and for the majority of our marriage we’ve also worked together. We’ve raised a daughter and now have three granddaughters. I can’t say that Non-Existence formula was the only thing that kept us together, but it certainly helped. And it was an exactly correct application of the proper tech under the proper circumstances.

The Tech works. When in doubt (or Non-E), try it!


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2 thoughts on “Scientology Wins

  1. Here’s to another 25 years, babe!

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