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The Upper OT Levels

Marty Rathbun has been emphatic in stating that there are no OT levels above OT VIII. He “knows” this for two reasons. First, Pat Broeker claimed, during his original power struggle with David Miscavige, that he had access to the LRH notes on the upper OT levels, and was using this as a vehicle to hold sway over Miscavige. Marty subsequently engaged in three forcible searches of places where Pat Broeker might have hidden such notes, and found nothing. Second, Marty questioned Ron’s last auditor, who said that Ron had “nothing intelligible” to say about any levels of OT beyond OT VIII.

This claim by Marty has always rankled me, as I remember statements to the contrary, made by LRH or posted on copies of the Bridge as far back as 1976, when I got into Scientology. I have just found the original reference on this, and am posting the relevant passage here.

There are perhaps 15 levels above OT VII* fully developed but existing only in unissued note form, pending more people’s full attainment of OT VI and VII.

The above is from HCOB 30 July 1973 Scientology, Current State of the Subject and Materials. I would encourage anyone to find a copy of that HCOB and read it in full. It contains additional information on nutrition, the medical and psychiatric fields, etc.

Marty has doubtless read the above reference. And yet he’s contradicting what LRH says there. This can only mean one (or all) of three things. First, that Ron was flat out lying to us, reason unknown. Two, that someone else inserted this passage in the above HCOB without LRH’s knowledge. While this is possible, it should be noted that 1973 was before David Miscavige had attained the full measure of his power. During that period, Ron was aboard the flagship Apollo, delivering lectures on the Flag Executive Briefing Course (FEBC) and handling international management. And it’s a mystery why anyone would insert such a claim in an LRH issue anyway. There wouldn’t seem to be much point in it at that time in Scientology. Three, Marty, for reasons we can only guess at, wishes to deny whatever benefits might accrue from those upper OT levels to the Independent Field and Scientologists in general.

Regardless of the reasons for Marty’s claim, the following is clear. Ron says one thing and Marty directly contradicts him. The question for the reader is, who should you believe? The answer is up to you, but if you believe LRH, it’s worth considering what exactly Marty’s motivation is in making such a flat, contradictory claim.

* Historical note: At the time of this issue, OT VI and VII were the highest OT levels available. And they were not the Solo NOTs material. They were the “original” OT levels, before the development of NOTs.


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2 thoughts on “The Upper OT Levels

  1. Corey on said:

    I have to disagree with your conclusions on this matter. The passage you give from the HCOB contradicts itself! First it uses the qualifier “perhaps” which is odd unless LRH is merely speculating. Second it says “fully developed” then follows with “but existing only in note form” which implies that they haven’t been developed at all. My conclusions are that LRH had some ideas for additional levels but wasn’t ready to put his attention on it till there were more public available to sell these services to. It is obviously just a bone thrown to those who have already done the OT levels to keep them from wandering away for want of purpose. Marty simply states that he has never seen these notes and has concluded that they don’t exist.
    Now lets speculate! If the notes do exist. They have no chance of being developed into beneficial levels in the hands of Miscavage. I don’t know of a group in existance who could properly pilot and codify additional levels (I’m not very familiar with the independent field). I think time would be better spend repairing the existing bridge.

  2. I would assume the “perhaps” relates to the number of levels, and would depend on how they were divided up. “Fully developed” I would assume means that they could go forward without modification, once written up. “… existing only in note form” could mean that the ideas are solid, the processes are set, and that they only needed to be issued as HCOBs. There is no telling whether we’re talking about 5 pages or a file cabinet full of notes. Within the whole of LRH’s written materials, there’s no telling where such notes might be.

    I’m disappointed that you would attribute such a crass motivation for this statement to LRH. I expect that LRH would have assumed a couple of things: 1) that OTs would recognize the need to now get trained, if they weren’t, and 2) that their enhanced awareness of their dynamics would drive them to contribute more to Scientology. In both cases, they would not “wander away for want of purpose”. But the fact that you attribute this kind of motivation to LRH indicates you’ve been listening to Marty too long. I consider Marty’s attitude toward Ron as reprehensible and designed to push people away from Ron and straight Scientology (as promoted by LRH).

    There was a unit which would have been assigned precisely the duty of piloting and writing up the subsequent results while LRH was alive: LRH Technical Research & Compilations. This is the business they were in, and they had quite a few such projects in the pipeline when LRH died, as I understand it.

    However, I agree with you that currently, within the Church, there is no such honest unit. And given Miscavige’s SP personality, no such attempt will ever be made, or if it is, it will be perverted and made useless. Unless the Church is repaired (a long shot), we’ll probably never see those levels, nor will anyone else. I do agree with Marty that this shouldn’t be a stop to spiritual progress. The recordings and writings from the early 50s indicate several paths which an OT could take to further his own abilities and perceptions after OT VIII.

    “Repairing the existing bridge” assumes there is something wrong with the Bridge as developed by LRH. But that Bridge served thousands of PCs and PreOTs very well until it was perverted by others (chiefly Miscavige). Here in the field, we have the chance to rebuild it so that it once again can forward someone from raw public to OT. If by “repair” you actually mean “rebuild” in the Field, I agree with you.

    I’m not particularly concerned with whether we ever see these upper OT levels or not. This post was only an attempt to set the record straight as regards this area of the Tech. Marty asserts a fact which directly contradicts something LRH was clear about. Readers are free to believe whomever they prefer. But they need to know precisely what LRH said about the matter before making such a decision.

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