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The Other Side Of The Fence

Last entry, I told you of my declare by the Church. When I got the declare, I sent off emails to a couple of friends in the Field to let them know. I also had one friend from almost forty years ago, who was on staff at my first org, who’s been sort of sitting on the fence recently. I felt it only fair to let her know, since she’s still part of the Church. I wanted to warn her in case it came up on her lines. Apparently, it already had. She had received a call telling her she should unfriend me on Facebook. She had asked for a goldenrod on the matter, and was told she could view it at her local org (our old org). Of course, it won’t be there, and I told her so.

In our email conversation, she asked if I had actually “developed a rundown”, as they apparently told her. I thought back, and finally realized they were talking about a rundown I had suggested in this blog to handle people just emerging from the Church. This rundown involved things like Repair of Past Ethics Conditions, Conditions and Exchange by Dynamics, L1C to handle losses connected with forced disconnections, some O/W (metered, “I am auditing you”, no sec check, we don’t care what you did; this is just to unburden you), and the like. Obviously, none of this involves any non-LRH technology, no mixing of practices, squirrelling, or anything of the sort. I called it something like the “Leaving Scientology Rundown” or something of the sort. And I didn’t “develop” it. I merely suggested someone with more technical savvy than me work out the details and package it up for use. Of course, the Church knows this. They read my blog far enough to know about the rundown, so they know what it involved and my role with regard to it. They simply chose to lie to her about it. In any case, I explained this to her, and she was relieved to hear the truth about it. “Developing a rundown” didn’t sound like something I’d do.

This friend isn’t someone who goes into the Org all the time. She’s OT III as I recall, She makes a reasonable living with her husband, and I’m sure goes to events at the Org once in a while. So it’s not like she’s heavily involved in Scientology affairs on a day to day basis. I doubt she gets regged for IAS and the like much, since she simply doesn’t have enough money to make it worth the Church’s while to chase her around. I don’t know if she reads the newspapers or anything. She does surf the Internet like most people. Her org has had a few high level defections, which I’m sure she’s heard about. And she probably hears rumors about this or that. She’s smart enough to realize rumors are just rumors, and that they may or may not be true. She’s also busy enough with grandkids and her business that she doesn’t have the time or inclination to chase every rumor down and fully investigate it.

In other words, she’s probably pretty typical of most Scientologists who are still part of the Church.

When confronted with my declare, my friend reckoned that she would probably have to honor the Church’s wishes and not communicate to me for a while. I made this choice okay for her, as I understand her situation. At the same time, I’m disappointed in her. When I was faced with a similar situation, I was fully ready to tell the Church to pound sand. No one tells me who I can and can’t be friends with, who I can and can’t communicate with. My friend who was declared was not an SP, and was still my friend. He didn’t deserve yet another of his friends deserting him. Now, if he was actively engaged in enturbulating me, that would be another story. But the choice to communicate or not with him would be mine, not the Church’s. Any policy that gives the Church the power to dictate my associations is flawed, at least in that respect. The senior policies in my opinion are On Personal Integrity and The Code Of Honor.

In any case, my friend bemoaned this divisiveness that seems to have infected her church. She said that ever since she’d gotten into Scientology, there had been some regime which maligned the previous one. (She was at one time in the oft-maligned Guardian’s Office.) She believed that the current situation is just the latest incarnation of the same, tired situation. She longed for the day when we could all just get along.

If you’ve been in the Field for a while and publicly resigned the Church, you probably look at her reaction and shake your head. She simply doesn’t see what’s going on.

She may have heard about Miscavige beating people up, but if she has, she probably considers it a vast exaggeration. He probably just smacked someone once.

Since she’s not actively on training or delivery lines, she probably hasn’t heard about the 3-swing F/Ns.

She has probably never heard about all the millions collected for “Ideal Org” buildings, and how they end up sitting idle, with Orgs unable to pay for them.

Knowing her, she’s seen all the glossy mags extolling the virtues of people who give millions to the IAS, and how they’re doted upon and worshipped. She probably considers this inappropriate, but just part of some senior executive’s goofy independent policy bright idea.

She’s probably heard about the Super Power building project and wonders why it’s still being delayed. But it’s a long way from her and she’s too busy and too inadequately connected to truly find out what’s going on. She probably just shakes her head about it.

She undoubtedly hasn’t been put through six intensives of sec checking in the middle of NOTs, and may never have heard of it happening. If she’s heard of it, she probably thinks it’s a one-off case. (Though I can guarantee she will run into it when she gets onto NOTs.)

She hasn’t been told, in the middle of some OT level, that she never made it to Clear like she thought.

She hasn’t been put onto endless hours of objectives in the middle of her OT levels. She might have heard rumors about it, which she likely discounts.

She probably doesn’t realize that the whole executive superstructure of the Church has been emptied and replaced with one guy. Rumors? Maybe. But they’re just rumors, and there’s no way for her to know for sure.

And so on. She thinks this is just a dispute between “regimes” or excessively stubborn individuals, independent thinkers and whatnot.

She’s busy. She doesn’t like all this conflict, doesn’t want to have to deal with it, wants it to end. She hasn’t connected the dots, hasn’t really looked at what’s really going on. She hasn’t pulled on all the strings which are obviously hanging out, signifying there’s more to this than is obvious. People like Debbie Cook don’t just walk off for no reason.

But this is what you’re dealing with on the other side of the fence. This is the nameless face of the thousands or millions of Scientologists who haven’t crossed the fence to our side. For every staff member who can clearly see what’s been going on, there are hundeds or thousands of public and former staff out in the field (lower case “f”) who don’t.

These are the people on the other side of the fence.


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