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Freedom Versus Sacred Cows

For the second time in a month or so, I’ve apparently hit upon a sacred cow in the Field, or seen someone else hit upon one.

In a way, I think this is enormously humorous. For months (probably been going on for years), all I’ve heard from the Field is rapture over the fact that, now that we’re not under the onerous thumb of the “Church of Miscavology” (or some other snide term), we are free to look at, read, question or say whatever we like. And isn’t it all just grand? Yay! We’re free to investigate Eastern religions, psychology, alien visitations, Internet auditing, the idea that LRH didn’t really develop the Tech, whatever. Good times! We’re not “drinking the Kool-Aid” any more, no sirree, not us. We’re free and we’re one big happy Independent Field family.

Except we’re not. You’d think with all this supposed freedom, that we’d feel very egalitarian and magnanimous when it come to the opinions of others. And we do, right up to the point where someone bumps into one of our sacred cows. And then at that point, look out! Suddenly you’re in Miscavige’s employ, or you’re a “flat-earther” or a troll or your case is messed up (all criticisms actually leveled at me) or whatever.

I recently came out against Internet auditing (see my last post). I never said it should be forbidden or that anyone should be punished for it. I just said it was a bad idea and not “Standard Technology”. Next thing I know, I’ve got this fellow writing me with nearly incomprehensible grammar, spelling and punctuation (illiterate or semi-literate) who claims to be an auditor, yet proclaims loudly that I am “in need of some serious auditing” (evaluating my case in complete violation of the Auditor’s Code). I’m supposed to take this guy seriously? Not so much.

One poor girl/guy was repeatedly savaged recently on someone else’s blog for being annoyed that so much whining was going on about David Miscavige physically abusing people, and not enough attention was being put on what the Field should be doing to prepare for the future. Commenter after commenter abused him/her, and completely failed to see the overall point he/she was making.

The Field constantly complains about the way the Church forbids and punishes differing opinions and inquiry into the outside world. And yet it acts in almost the same fashion when someone in the Field comments adversely on or argues against some Field sacred cow. In case it’s not obvious, that’s hypocrisy. If we in the Field are going to make it, I think we need to be a lot less attached to our sacred cows. And a lot more accepting of the fact that others may disagree with our opinions of those sacred cows.

How about if we in the Field practice the art of being different from the Church of Scientology in how we treat dissenters? How about if we agree that it’s a big world out there, and there will inevitably be people who disagree with us, and that’s okay? If we ever expect to be truly free ourselves, we have to grant that same freedom to others. As opposed to hypocrisy, that’s called “granting beingness”.


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