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Public Announcement/Coming Out

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I’ve been “under the radar”, so to speak for a while. For various reasons, my wife and I have finally decided to “come out” and make public our separation from the Church of Scientology. I’m not going to do a big Doubt Formula for you here. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know my reasons. I will, for the sake of completeness, do an abbreviated version below.

My actual name is Paul M. Foster. I have decided that the Church of Scientology, as currently constituted and as an overall entity (not necessarily all staff and public), is not delivering Standard Ethics, Tech and/or Admin, as defined by its Founder L. Ron Hubbard (LRH). Further, it has been driven so far from delivering, forwarding and protecting the Bridge, as defined by LRH, that I can no longer in good conscience recommend it to any public, raw or long-term. I believe that any aggregate stats it reports are false and that its purpose at this point is to accumulate cash to benefit a few (or one) at the expense of its parishioners. I believe that the leader of the Church, David Miscavige, is the person most directly responsible for this state of affairs, and is in fact a criminal psychopath.

The only group which is generally forwarding the purposes and technology of LRH is the Independent Field of Scientologists. While it, too, contains its share of miscreants, overall it is, as a group attempting to keep a show on the road on this planet, through the continued application of Standard Technology. I pledge my support and assistance to this group, in the hopes that we can continue the work started by L. Ron Hubbard.

I fully realize that this means I may never be able to set foot in a Church of Scientology ever again. I fully realize that there may be misguided souls who, when they read this or are informed about my decision by the Church, will be compelled, willingly or unwillingly to “disconnect” from me. So be it.

I count all Scientologists, inside or outside the official Church as part of my third dynamic, and am willing, to the extent practicable, to assist them in their movement up the Bridge and out of the trap. I wish them and their missions, orgs and groups nothing but the best. My comm lines are open to them and I offer them my friendship, regardless.

As for David Miscavige, as a matter of ethics and justice, his condition is Confusion with respect to me, the Church of Scientology, Scientologists and mankind. Whatever hell he has consigned his future to, he richly deserves.

And now that that’s over with, let’s all Flourish and Prosper!


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3 thoughts on “Public Announcement/Coming Out

  1. David St Lawrence aka oldauditor on said:

    Good for you Paul! If there is any assistance you might need from a miscreant, please let me know. Once you are truly out from under the indoctrination, you will find that there are no boundaries to discovery.

    Your declaration of freedom may give you as much case gain as an intensive of repair, but do get some auditing on your church experiences so you are truly free again.

    Just be aware that it is easier to get out of the cult than it is to get the cult out of you. Some ex-Scientologists have been out for years and still are in their Sea Org identities.

    Best regards,


  2. TroubleShooter, Gayle on said:


    I’m happy for you that you found it time to make this break. I respected your and Nancy’s reasons and as you know I had my own for a long time. Good for you both and for anyone else that your communication inspires.

    Be alert to the miscreants indeed, they come in all shapes and sizes – and auditor classifications.

    Best to you, Gayle

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