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Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

What’s Wrong With The Church, Part 13: How It Got This Way

While the Church of Scientology may not have been perfect from the start, it’s clear that it is now generally a toxic organization. It doesn’t matter whether you assign David Miscavige as the Who or not. Regardless of the Who, (or even the How) the Church has been subverted into an organization where Standard Ethics, Standard Technology and Standard Administration have no meaning or applicability at all. It is now overall a suppressive organization.


Because you and I allowed it to happen.

This is not a matter of shame, blame and regret. It is a bald fact. If you and I (and every other person who could have done something about it) had stood our ground, the Church would not be in the condition it’s in. We all, to one degree or another, abandoned our Personal Integrity, our Code Of Honor and Keeping Scientology Working. Had we stood our ground and insisted on Standard Ethics, Standard Technology and Standard Administration, the Church would be a shining, prosperous and pleasant place to be. Instead, it has become a wasteland, on its way toward oblivion.

I’m not here to point fingers at or find fault with anyone in particular. I’m here to make this point. We ushered this along by failing at the above. If we wish to avoid similar circumstances in the future, I believe we had better get a lot more ruthless in our application of the above basics of Scientology. This doesn’t mean being mean, nasty or even rude. It’s a matter of insisting on Standard Ethics, Tech and Admin no matter what. No matter what.

Remember we failed at this once. Let’s not let it happen again.


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