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What’s Wrong With The Church, Part 11: Other Crimes

So far, in criticizing the Church, I have striven to bring up only those areas where I have personally observed outnesses. In the Independent Field, there are a great many accusations made about the Church and David Miscavige which, although corroborated by many people, I have not personally observed. Bear in mind that I was never a high ranking person in the Church, public or staff, so I was never in a position to actually witness some of these things. Plus, I’ve been off lines for 25 years, and some of them have only taken place during the period of my absence.

However, for the sake of completeness, I will use this post to detail some of the most egregious complaints made by the Field. As always, the veracity of what I’m saying is for you to determine. In general, I believe these events have occurred. For corroboration, I would suggest you look to the more prominent blogs in the Independent Field. There is plenty of “testimony” there about these events and activities. What follows is a partial list, in no particular order.

  • So-called “Ideal Orgs” are nothing but a sham. In almost all cases, the only evidence of an “Ideal Org” is an unoccupied building, which the local org can’t afford and will never be occupied. These are often referred to in the Independent Field as “Idle Orgs”. While it is possible for a person to verify this for a given “Ideal Org” in their area, it’s probably not feasible to tour the entire world and track down each and every instance where this has happened. There are those who may vouch for the “Idle Org” claim in their local area. But no one has, to my knowledge, verified this claim in all or even most cases. For the most part, those making the blanket claim are, in turn, relying on the truthfulness of others who make the claim about their local “Ideal Org”.
  • International stats are down and have been downtrending for years. It’s been pointed out frequently in the Idependent Field that the rising stats cited in the frequent international Church events are simply made-up stats whose relevance is questionable. For example, “Number of People Helped” and the like. These are not stats from an org’s OIC, and not in any way “official” Church stats. That they are rising may or may not be true, though the Independent Field tends to agree that the numbers claimed are fabricated (most particularly for the number of orgs, missions and groups and Scientologists). More importantly, though, the truly important stats, like “Well Done Auditing Hours” and “Student Points” are never quoted. The Independent Field claims that these stats are crashed and/or non-viable and downtrending over many years. Some claim to be in positions to verify these claims for a given Org. However, so far as I know, INCOMM and international Church management are the only places to actually have these stats. And if they won’t quote them at international events, it’s unlikely they will give you a print-out of them for the asking. And without such a print-out, it is impossible to know for sure the state of such stats.
  • David Miscavige regularly engaged in physical violence against others in his sphere, and encourages others to also engage in such violence. This has been broadly claimed and corroborated by many, most recently Debbie Cook, former Commanding Officer for the Flag Service Organization (CO FSO). Unfortunately, you’d have to be someone high up in the Church’s executive structure to witness this. If not, you will simply have to rely on the truthfulness of those who say they have witnessed it. For what it’s worth, though, their eyewitness accounts often corroborate each other.
  • OTs have been subjected to out-tech on a scale which is staggering. They have had their Clear statuses cancelled commonly. It seems exceptionally unlikely that so many would have gone up the OT levels without being Clear, only to discover late in the game that they are not Clear. This smacks of massive out-tech, either in allowing them on the OT levels in the first place, or in determining they are not Clear when in fact they are. OTs have been forced to endured hundreds of hours of Objectives Processing. This is completely uncalled for and out-tech. OTs have been forced to endured hundreds of hours of sec-checking at their own expense. The only circumstance where a pre-OT would need confessional auditing is if they are not progressing well with their auditing in the first place, and even then, hundreds of hours of it would be out of the question. NOTs pre-OTs have been forced to redo hundreds of hours of NOTs auditing. There is no conceivable reason for this, no explanation which could justify it. Unfortunately I cannot corroborate any of this. Only those who have been through it (as many in the Independent Field claim) can bear witness to this.
  • Payments to Ideal Orgs, IAS, the Super Power project and other like entities and activities have replaced what was once amends in conditions formulas. Regging for these activities has become the standard action by MAAs and Ethics Officers when people are sent to Ethics. I can’t verify this, obviously, but it is very widely claimed in the Independent Fields. Many eyewitness reports.
  • David Miscavige lives like a king on Church monies. Supposedly, he has spent millions on residences, cars, tanning beds and a host of other massively expensive perqs. I’ve never met David. I’ve never personally seen any of this MEST. I can’t say. Others claim to have witnessed his extravagances. There are photos of many of these things. Is it a fact? I believe so. But it’s your call
  • Justice actions, in particular Suppressive Person Declares, are routinely made without the benefit of investigation or gradient justice actions. No Committees of Evidence (Comm-Evs), no Boards of Investigations (B of I’s). Just declares, often drawn up, sometimes shown to the target person, but not remimeod and rarely if ever given to anyone to keep. Again, I cannot corroborate this. Others claim to.
  • The executive superstructure of the Church, its international executives and related entities has all been smashed, abandoned and no longer exist. In other blog posts, I’ve mentioned that visible evidence points to this as a fact. Others claim to have been witness to it.
  • David Miscavige has sabotaged the cases of hundreds by “executive C/Sing”, including but not limited to Lisa McPherson. I do not know whether David Miscavige is qualified to C/S anyone’s case. Others claim he has little or no technical training. In any case, “executive C/Sing” is completely out-tech.
  • IAS is a rogue organization which LRH never sanctioned, nor would he. It is a slush fund for David Miscavige. We can’t know what LRH would have sanctioned, though from I’ve seen of the IAS, I believe he would have stopped it long ago. Certainly, it does not in any way resemble what he did sanction, the HASI (Hubbard Association of Scientologists International). What the funds from IAS go for I could only speculate. Without public disclosure (unlikely without a court order) we may never know. There are various claims made by those in the Independent Field. But I’m not sure who among them were ever in a position to actually view the transaction records.
  • Orgs and staff driven to reg for IAS and similar entities instead of service donations. Many corroborate this. Again, I obviously haven’t witnessed it.
  • Few or no Class VIIIs/Xs/XIs/XIIs made since [name your time period or starting year]. Claims like this vary widely in their time frame, but are often made in the Independent Field. Unless you’re FSSO, FSO, AO or ASHO staff (or ex-staff), I’m not sure how you could verify these claims. There appear to be plenty of such claimants in the Independent Field.
  • David Miscavige is the Why/Who for [fill in the blank]. First off, David Miscavige is not the “Why” for anything. A person cannot be a Why, only a Who. The extent to which David Miscavige is the Who for any given phenomenon inside the Church is an open question. Many will testify to various crimes Miscavige has committed. And they may all be correct. Or not. Only those highly placed in the Church could know. Whether you believe them or not is up to you.
  • The Church does not allow you to read a newspaper, surf the internet, or read blogs such as this one. Many will make the claim that they have been hauled into Ethics and made to atone for these “crimes”. If so, this is unacceptable behavior on the part of the Church. No entity has the right to censor what you read, see and hear. The Church certainly has the right to question you about it, roll it back, try to correct whatever lies you’ve been told, and prosecute the original source of such “enemy line”, all in the interest of keeping you moving on the Bridge. Assuming, of course, that such information is, in fact, keeping you from making progress on the Bridge.

Again, this list is incomplete and in no particular order. I may add to it in the future. You could make the claim that in publishing this information, particularly without personally witnessing it, I am simply forwarding “enemy lines”. Perhaps, but I think we’re well past that now. It’s clear that some truly evil and devastating events are occurring and have occurred inside the Church. This sets the whole justice system of the Church on its ear, when the Church itself is the perpetrator of crimes it wishes to cover up. Assume for a moment that the Church (or Miscavige) is in fact guilty of any of the crimes above (or other crimes I’ve mentioned in this blog series). How can it then administer justice toward people who accuse it of such crimes? It obviously can’t (and still fulfill the purposes of justice policy). The problem is that the whole of Church justice policy assumes that the Church is not the guilty party. But if the Church is, then…. You can immediately see the dilemma.

In any case, as I’ve said, the above are included in this blog series purely for completeness. If you read other blogs, you will inevitably run directly into positive claims of the above. And if any of them turn out to be false, then I may some day be called upon to recant such claims and make amends, which I will gladly do. But I don’t think that day will ever come.


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2 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With The Church, Part 11: Other Crimes

  1. Friend, you say that you’ve been formally disconnected from the church for twenty five years, so it’s no wonder to me, that you insert so many disclaimers amongst the charges above. I can appreciate that you haven’t personally witnessed the crimes which you’ve laid out, but let me assure you, each and every one of them is real. If they weren’t, you wouldn’t be seeing such an exodus of people leaving the church today.

    When I penned my Declaration of Independence write-up, I was careful not to include anything that I hadn’t personally witnessed.

    One of the major outpoints that I’ve personally witnessed, is the downtrending statistic of graduated auditors of every classification. When I first came into Scientology in the early seventies, the academies of the Los Angeles orgs were booming. I’m talking stuffed to the gills, with the walls bulging out. I was there, and I saw that with my own eyes.

    Come nearly forty years up the track, and the scene is completely reversed. During that time, I’ve watched as the academies became emptier and emptier. Up until recently, I still got the Auditor mag from ASHO. Compare the recent numbers of auditor completions to the numbers that ASHO was producing in the seventies, and your jaw will drop. The stat has dropped by at least 95% since then.

    Long story short – there’s simply a preponderance of evidence to support the truth of all the charges you laid out. The corporation is guilty of all of it, which is why they’re dwindling in membership, and now cannibalizing their Div II to support what’s left of the rotten structure.

  2. My “disconnection” from the Church so many years ago was because of a $100,000+ freeloader debt. Ironically, *they’ve* now whittled it down to $1000 through a lot of off-policy hand-waving. I don’t really care.

    I agree that the crimes of the Church as claimed by the Field actually occurred. But I don’t want to attest to something I haven’t seen as a fact. I leave that to others who were there.

    Unfortunately, I never saved Auditor mags to be able to do that comparison. But I have saved all the Advance! and Celebrity mags I’ve gotten over the years. I just haven’t done the comparison you’re talking about. I believe your assertion. I also get Source mags (also not saved). If you look at Source mags these days, you’ll see tons of graduates of Basics courses, and very few of anything else. For an org with a footprint as huge as Flag, that’s appalling. But not really surprising.

    BTW, thanks for your comments!

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