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Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

What’s Wrong With The Independent Field, Part 8: Your Third Dynamic

There is a decidedly “us versus them” attitude in the Independent Field when it comes to the Church of Scientology. This is somewhat understandable. Many of those in the Independent Field have had to endure the betrayal of the Church and their friends and family. And in some cases (like Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder), the Church and its agents have dogged and harrassed them beyond reason.

And like many in the Field, I’ve read more than my share of Doubt Formulas ending in the person’s decision to join the Independent Field and effectively “disconnect” from the Church of Scientology. The end result is generally that those in the Field now consider the Field their new “third dynamic”.

While I don’t want to evaluate for anyone, let me pose a question: Why aren’t those people who are still in the Church of Scientology part of your “third dynamic”?

Those people who are still part of the Church share a common reality, however submerged and subverted, with those of us on the outside. We generally all share a love for, respect for, and devotion to Standard Technology. We all agree (or should) that, when properly applied, Standard Technology works, and will resolve the problems of life to which it is properly addressed. We share a common language. Most of us have been audited to the point where we share a common reality (more or less) on the whole track. If trained, we share common experiences (sometimes painful) on being trained. If we’ve been staff or Sea Org, we share common reality on doing our Staff Statuses and/or our Products (Sea Org). If we’ve been audited, we (hopefully) share a common reality on whatever levels we’ve attained in processing. And deep down, I hope we all share a common purpose to see this planet cleared.

While we (in the Field) may object to a lot of things going on in the Church, we still have a lot in common with many, if not most of the people who are still in the Church. In fact, we may have more in common with each other than we realize.

Perhaps this is part of why I object when I hear HE&R and natter coming from the Field with respect to the Church (other than the pure technical facts LRH points out about these things). I still consider the people “inside” part of my third dynamic. They may be misled. They may be mistakenly following the wrong path. They may have some confused ideas. They may not have screwed up their courage enough to actually look at the disaster happening around them. But they’re still part of my third dynamic. It may be a diseased and viciously administered part, but still part of my third dynamic.

Let me pose another question: If the Church wasn’t forbidding communication between you and people still in the Church, would you want to communicate with them?

The next time you stop to consider who is and isn’t part of your third dynamic, you might want to take into consideration the above. (And by the way, this has nothing to do with what ethics condition anyone is in with regard to anyone else. That’s a different matter.)


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