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The Leaving Scientology Rundown

Let me reiterate something I believe I’ve mentioned before. We in the Independent Field need something which might be called, more or less, the “Leaving Scientology Rundown“. This could be a brief, one intensive set of actions, done at a discount by field auditors for the benefit of newly independent Scientologists and the entire Field. From what I’ve seen and read, there seems to be a common set of symptoms and complaints by newly independent Scientologists:

  • Natter and HE&R with regard to Orgs, Management, the Sea Org, staff and David Miscavige (deserved or not, natter is natter)
  • ARC Breaks with friends and relatives who have disconnected
  • Feelings of betrayal toward the Church, its personal and those who have disconnected
  • Injustice visited upon the individual by the Church
  • An inability to adequately explain why the individual hung on so long in the Church and/or what their responsibility was in contributing to the situation which caused them to want to leave
  • A tendency to fixate on the first dynamic
  • An avoidance of the third dynamic
  • An abandonment of the fourth dynamic
  • General case damage from Church mishandling

I should make clear from the outset that I am not tech trained, so I’m not qualified to do a full evaluation of this situation. And people who have been handling recently “outed” Scientologists, like Marty Rathbun would have a much better read on things like “general case damage” above, and possibly other aspects that might need to be addressed.

I would make some suggestions, though. For example, a list should be made of example O/W questions for those having left, and this list should be fully audited, if possible FPRD style. We are not interested in what you’ve done, only that you confess and confront it and possible causes. Additionally, I would suggest “Conditions and Exchange By Dynamics” for straightening out dynamic misalignments mentioned above. This is a relatively quick and simple action which can yield tremendous wins by itself on a PC. Been there, done that. Well worth it.

At the end of this rundown, there could be an optional reading list for those who desire it:

  • Keeping Scientology Working
  • Safeguarding Technology
  • What We Expect of a Scientologist
  • On Personal Integrity
  • The Code of Honor
  • An Open Letter To All Clears

I’ve left out the Code of a Scientologist, since (from memory) I believe it mentions not giving interviews to the press, something which is being understandably violated on a daily basis by many Scientologists.

In any case, I believe that if someone would implement the above, pilot it, and then publish it for use in the Field, it would greatly benefit not only those recently having left the Church, but the Field itself.


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