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What’s Wrong With The Independent Field, Part 4: Administration

In general, the Independent Field regards the administrative technology of Scientology in a variety of negative ways.

Of course, the Independent Field is composed of those who are primarily tech terminals, those who are primarily admin terminals, and those who are both. Those who were tech terminals before leaving the Church are in demand. We’re all somewhere on the Bridge, and far too many of us are Clear and below. So we need the tech terminals to help us make it to and through the OT levels. But whether the folks in the Independent Field need the admin terminals is another question entirely.

The origin of this attitude goes far beyond David Miscavige and the corporate culture he’s shoved down the Church’s administrative networks. In the 1950s, organizations sprang up haphazardly and were on their own administratively. There was no administrative technology. Ron researched, traveled, lectured, and tried to support the growth of the isolated groups and organizations in whatever ways he could. But at some point it became clear to him that, lacking an administrative technology, these groups wouldn’t make much of a dent in the demand for Dianetics and Scientology training and processing. So in the late 50s and early 60s LRH set out to formulate a body of technology dealing with the administration of groups. This evolution continued into the mid 70s, when he considered the administrative technology sufficiently workable to be considered complete.

In the process of developing this administrative technology, Ron found it necessary to take on the position of Executive Director of the growing number of Scientology organizations throughout the world. At some point later, he found it necessary to create an elite corps of tough, dedicated executives manned by a newly created fraternity of Scientologists known as the “Sea Organization”. From his office on board the Apollo (previously, the Royal Scotsman), he developed the whole executive structure of the “Mother Church” and sent out “missions” to accomplish various administrative goals, such a booming various orgs, forming advanced bases on land, and assisting with other research projects.

As meticulously as he had piloted and tested the auditing technology, Ron piloted and tested the administrative technology. It was refined and revised as necessary to form a body of knowledge which, when properly trained in and followed, would produce booming, productive organizations. Even when applied by people who had never administered anything before (an important requirement).

And then LRH moved off the lines.

Gradually, in practice, policy was altered, violated, not followed. Orgs often became difficult places in which to work. The continuous drama and tumult behind the scenes sometimes spilled over onto public lines. Later, after LRH died, various people high up in the church completely perverted and countered the workable policies from LRH with what can best be called “squirrel admin”. The result was and is misery all around.

Again, administrative technology has never had the respect and reverence with which we treat the auditing technology. While to some extent you can “read it, drill it, do it” with auditing tech, you don’t apply this method for the making of serious academy auditors. Yet admin tech is applied exactly this way for a lot of administrative posts. You generally don’t spend six months training someone to be a letter registrar before you actually let them write letters. It just doesn’t happen that way. What happens in practice is that you bring someone on staff, maybe put them through their Staff Status 0, 1 and 2 courses while they expedite (do odd jobs) and then assign them to a post. The Staff Statuses include a minimum of basic admin tech necessary to function inside an org. Once posted, they may do a “mini-hat” or something similar., and operate for weeks or years that way. Policy dictates that they get 2-1/2 hours of study or enhancement done in a day, which would entail their “full hat”, Volume 0 of the Org Exec Course (OEC), then the OEC volume for their division, and finally, the full Org Executive Course. But in practice, this almost never happens. Staff are lucky to get in any study time at all. So instead of getting all the policy they need to function on post or in an org properly, they end up doing things “the way we always did them”, whatever that is. Worse, even if they do manage to complete their Staff Statuses before going on post, the policy actually practiced by the staff may be at wild variance with what they just studied on their Staff Statuses. If they’re troublemakers, they may complain about the differences (and get hit by Ethics). But just as likely, they follow the “policy” that’s actually in use, which could be anything.

And thus, “policy”, not properly studied and practiced, gets a bad name. (And that includes ethics policy, which creates an exceptionally unpleasant environment when misapplied.)

And thus you get an Independent Field which generally regards policy as the bastard stepchild of Scientology. Having been mishandled by staffs which often wouldn’t know the proper policy if it walked up and slapped them, they incorrectly assign their problems or the problems of orgs to policy in general. All policy becomes bad. (A=A=A)

Right now, the Independent Field is preoccupied with the job of creating networks of “trusted” terminals and handling those who have resigned from the Church to get them up the Bridge. And they’ll be busy with this job for a number of years. But at some point, there may be nothing left of the Church of Scientology. And there will still be people who have read the Dianetics book, who want to get further training and auditing. If the barriers to that training and auditing are too high (because they can’t even find a local group to deliver to them), they will simply wander off. At some point, the Independent Field will have to find a way to handle raw public. At some point the Independent Field may remember that the original purpose was to clear the planet. And the only way to viably do that is to have stable organizations. And the only way to have those is by application of the administrative technology. I’m sorry if that’s unpalatable and not what you wanted to hear. But it’s what LRH said. And it’s as true today as when he originally said it.



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4 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With The Independent Field, Part 4: Administration

  1. Theta Clear on said:

    Hello Paul !!!
    That is exactly my viewpoint on this matter. Nobody could have expressed it better than the way you did it. I tried to do it in a few post replies at other blogs, done in a most general way, but was met by a lot of ridges. Administration is almost a cursed word in the Field.But only becuase they have been mostly exposed to Out-Admin.

    As you well said it , ONLY through Standard Admin can the Field get organized enough to deliver in any large-scale effective way. W/out it, we are doomed. I hope that with the proper use of Standard Tech, like “Ethics Repair List” , FDS and de-PTSing , RPEC and possibly
    “HC Outpoint-Pluspoint List” , we can help them get to Cause about it.

    Excellent dissertation on the subject, as always. It is my thesis, Paul, that the cancelation of the “Primary Rundown” by the Church and its failure to release it again has taken its toll on the general duplication ability of those terminals running the Church. I think that we are faced here with a problem more related with Tech ( W/C Tech) than it it related to Ethics. I am refering here to the Out-Admin sit. I know that LRH said that if Admin is Out, Tech is out and Ethics has long ceased to exist. But he also said (I just can’t remember where Paul, but may be you know, being such a good historian) that for Ethics to be out, Tech should have been out in the first place. The second phenomenom of the misunderstood word, applies here.
    Even the KTL Course, a gradient approach to the PRD, was abandon. I just can’t avoid concluding that this was done totally on purpose. I would like to know your thoughts about it. Anyway , congratulations again on your analysis.


    • If the Tech had been properly applied, we wouldn’t have guys like Miscavige running around. It just couldn’t happen.

      You are so right about KTL. I had two roommates on the KTL pilot when I lived in LA. That pilot went on forever, far longer than it should have. And after one of my roommates graduated, she wouldn’t go near an academy for any reason. She’d get the cold sweats just thinking about going on course. That’s a botched pilot and one which had to have been sabotaged from the inside.

      Interestingly enough, I had a girlfriend who did the PRD (not the pilot, the actual course), and experienced the same phenomena I mentioned above as regards my roommate. An overt product from the course.

    • I accidentally found the reference you were wondering about: Flag Order 3831 11 Sept 1981 The Sea Org and Standard Tech. The quote is: “We say that when admin is out, tech is out; and when tech is out ethics is out. This is very true. But it backs up one more. Tech had to be out in the first place.

      • THETA CLEAR on said:

        Thank you so much for the LRH ref , Paul. I knew it had to be somewhere. Always the historian. Keep up the good work. Take care.

        ARC ,

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