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Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

What’s Wrong With The Independent Field, Part 2: Scary Site Names

In the Independent Field, there are a variety of sites and blogs from which to obtain information on the state or the crimes of the Church of Scientology. Some are reliable, and some aren’t. Some, like, are sites you don’t want to visit unless you have to. ( is not a part of what I would call the “Independent Field”. It is strictly a site by a hater of Scientology, someone who was never a Scientologist.) Some of the Independent Field sites have great names, like and

However, there are some with downright scary site names, like and No offense to the people who run these sites, but the names scare even me. I’m not an ex Scientologist. I’m still a Scientologist. I just don’t happen to agree with what’s going on in the Church. And I don’t consider Scientology a “cult”, though many people in the Independent Field believe it has become that.

Of course, many of these sites have busy followings, and it’s just too late to find a better site name and move all the content over.  I understand. I’d just suggest that, if you’re going to put up an Independent Field site from now on, try to find a site name that won’t scare the pants off of someone who’s new to the Independent Field, or sitting on the fence.

Just a suggestion.


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