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What’s Wrong With The Church, Part 10: Attacking Enemies

The Church of Scientology has a long history of attacking its “enemies”. It’s worth taking a few moments to categorize these “enemies”.

  1. People who couldn’t stand to see anyone get better. These were true suppressive persons. And the first true “critics” of Scientology. Governments and government agents at one time (and possibly still) might also fall into this category, depending on the circumstances.
  2. People who shouldn’t have been on the Church’s lines in the first place. These were psych cases and those who were obviously nutty to begin with. Or those who decided Scientology didn’t work because they had no personal desired to actually get better. Such people are notoriously difficult to help.
  3. People who were technically mishandled and then not properly repaired by the Church.
  4. People who, through bad handling by Ethics Officers or misreading of policy, managed to create problems in their environment. They would loudly disconnect from their families. They would borrow huge sums to do Scientology services with inadequate explanation. They would spout unreal dogma, making it look like they had turned into unreasoning zombies or cult members. One way or another, they would antagonize people close to them.
  5. People who genuinely had objections to the conduct of the Church, or inhumane treatment at the hands of the Church. This group is more prominent than ever now. It includes people who believe the Church no longer delivers Standard Technology.
  6. People who, while they may or may not have been particularly critical of the Church, were nonetheless harassed and abused by the Church. These could actually include people from the above categories who were subsequently mistreated by the Church beyond all reason, making a bad situation that much worse.

It should be noted here that I did not include, for example, those who have illegally published materials copyrighted by the Church and such. These are strictly legal matters which all but require lawsuits to be filed. If those involved fall into the above categories as well, then additional handlings might be needed.

As should be obvious, each of these categories is uniquely different. Yet the Church’s handling of them has typically been similar or identical: attack, discredit, investigate, sue, or whatever it took to turn them into burn marks on the sidewalk. (This is the origin of the last category above.) This uniform strategy of the Church’s was in effect long before David Miscavige. It has, however, greatly intensified under his leadership.

It’s unclear why the Church of Scientology has failed over the years to make the distinction between these different groups and thus handle them differently. Many in the Independent Field claim that Church handling of enemies was based solidly on LRH policy, particularly policy issued confidentially to the Guardian’s Office and Office of Special Affairs. This claim is often made by those who actually worked in these two entities at upper levels. This may or may not be the case, but at this point, the origin of the policy is moot. Regardless of who issued the policy, it is clearly wrong.

With respect to each category, the following would be more productive handlings.

  1. In the case of true SPs, by all means, investigate for crimes. They will most likely be there somewhere and the evidence may be used later. Sue as needed or as deemed productive. Otherwise, follow the two word dictum advocated by LRH: Flourish and Prosper. That drives SPs crazy.
  2. In the case of psychos and dilettantes, refund them promptly with a smile and pay them no more attention. Note their particular insanities for future reference as needed.
  3. In the case of the technically mishandled, repair as possible. Here we’re not talking about a simple L1C run on them by a Class 0 auditor. We’re talking about thorough folder error summaries with short programs developed by highly classed C/Ses and executed by highly classed auditors. There should be nothing broken by Scientology which cannot be fixed by Scientology. If properly and standardly done.
  4. In the case of those who have caused their own environmental problems by their own stupid actions, they should be thoroughly coached by someone who can spend the time with them to properly hat and drill them, so they can repair their environments. Then they should be TIPed for a program to more fully educate them. They should be prepared to make some sacrifices to salvage their situations.
  5. In the case of people with legitimate beefs, the Church should be prepared to investigate and correct its own abuses. It should be prepared to repair such abuses and explain to its members all the particulars of the situation, and what handling is now in place to prevent future abuses. This would be in line with one of the purposes of group justice: to run out the group engram. The Church should never be so arrogant as to believe that it is incapable of error.
  6. In the case of people who have been incredibly abused by the Church’s pursuit of its “enemies”, there may be no possible salvage. If any salvage is possible, it is in the direction of admitting its wrongdoing, recommending and adopting a program of reform, and settling with victims as equitably as feasible.

Much of the trouble the Church has had in terms of its reputation has been because of violations of the above classes of handlings. Such violations invite further lawsuits and enemy actions, further sullying the Church’s reputation.

There are two important things the Church must keep in mind:

Flourish and Prosper.

Clean hands make a happy life.


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