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Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy, Workable and Complete, Part 2

I have previously said (in the first post like this one) that Scientology was complete. Well, I’m issuing a mea culpa. Apparently, the Tech was not complete. After a bit more internet research, I ran across a first-hand report by someone much more familiar than me with the tech issuance and piloting lines. And apparently, there was tech being worked on before LRH died which was or would be issued in due course.

If you’re a careful reader of LRH, you’re probably aware of the LRH Technical Research [and] Compilations Unit (RTRC). They were active before Ron died in assisting him with researching and compiling new tech, refinements, and kicking out bad tech. You would periodically see the name of the unit at the bottom of LRH HCOBs and such toward the end of his life. Ron would typically get an idea, write out the specifications for what needed to be done on a pilot or research basis, and the work would be assigned to various people to be carried out. Results would come back to LRH for approval, and be issued as a new HCOB or rundown, or whatever had been ordered.

According to what I’ve read, this unit had a full pipeline of projects prior to Ron passing away, and consequently would be in a position to issue “new” technology after his passing. One specific example was a set of drills to be added to the lower level auditors’ checksheets to assist them to more quickly get up to speed as levels auditors. Yes, we’re talking about what ultimately became the Golden Age of Technology. Except that the intent was never to have new drills for every course and level, but only, for example the Levels 0 through 4. This is according to my reading.

Now, after the fact, it’s hard to verify information like this. I wasn’t there, so I don’t have first hand knowledge. And just because someone says this is what was happening doesn’t mean it was. However, we do know there was a unit called RTRC, and it did do this kind of thing. And it’s reasonable to assume that they might have had a set of tasks in progress when LRH left us. In light of these “facts” I’d be wiling to agree that perhaps the Tech at the time of Ron’s demise was not complete. (I would still contend that what he actually signed off on was, however, workable.)

Now, in the case of the Golden Age of Technology, whatever the original orders were regarding the project, they appeared to have been superseded, so that the ultimate result was an unworkable mess. And that’s the real subject I’d like to deal with. For a good thirty years, Scientology was beset by people who either wanted to short-circuit the Tech or lengthen runways so as to make it unworkable. Witness the number of times Ron had to step up and eliminate bad tech, cancel falsely written HCOBs and the like. Witness the famous “Tech Correction Roundup”. This was the exact reason that Keeping Scientology Working, Safeguarding Technology, and Technical Degrades were at the front of almost every course pack in Scientology. Our lines (and particularly Ron’s lines) were always prone to this type of sabotage.

And this raises two questions. First, why weren’t Ron’s lines better “armored” to protect against this type of abuse? Since it had happened repeatedly, you’d think there would have been ironclad protections put in place at some point to prevent this kind of abuse. And yet, straight up to the end, Ron’s lines were being abused. Second, given that the lines had been abused so badly over the years, did anyone give any thought to the idea that tech issued after Ron’s death would simply not be accepted? Projects which were in the RTRC pipeline before Ron’s death, once complete, would have to be issued. But without Ron’s signature over the material, how could we trust its workability? After all, many of us had been in Scientology long enough to see bad tech circulate. How did anyone imagine we would take “new” tech issued after Ron’s death? And in fact, Golden Age of Technology was a good example of the kind of sabotage possible under the circumstances.

For me, these are big mysteries. They don’t make sense. Of course, it also doesn’t make sense to me how one person could spearhead the near complete destruction of the Church of Scientology, either. And yet, here we are.


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