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Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

What’s Wrong With the Independent Field, Part 1: Human Emotion and Reaction

One of the things you’ll notice when you read more of the blogs, blog comments and websites of the Independent Field is that there is widespread use of pejoratives and insults when referring to the Church and David Miscavige. This is also sometimes true when referring to staffs and executives of orgs and management units.

Let’s me be blunt. Were these utterances made within the Church, they would be considered natter. As we all know, natter is generally indicative of overts and withholds.

To be fair, a lot of the people in the Independent Field have been physically abused and tortured. They’ve often endured years of abuse before deciding they’ve had enough and decided to leave, or been excommunicated. So their anger and bitterness may be well-deserved. They may feel deeply betrayed by their Church. But natter is still natter.

Most of the people in the Independent Field profess to a strong adherence to Standard Tech. If so, then no matter the provocation, there is a Standard Tech way to handle this, both in yourself and others: Get your O/Ws cleaned up. Either outside or in session, with or without an auditor. There are plenty of auditors out in the field who can assist with this. Perhaps a basic list of such O/Ws could be created and assessed on those who are leaving or have left the Church, as a first action. Not as a way to find out what you did (because, frankly, who cares?), but as a way of unburdening people so they can see and act more clearly when dealing with the Church and its current parishioners.

Ever heard of pan-determinism? How much pan-determinism do you think you’re going to see from someone who’s full of overts and withholds with regard to a group of people or an organization? A lot less than you would see from someone who’s been cleaned up on the subject. Who’s going to be more effective in dealing with a group? Someone who’s busy oppterming the group, or someone who’s capable of being pan-determined?

I’ve repeatedly made the case that the majority of the folks in the Independent Field are generally the good guys now. But for what it’s worth, if you’re one of the folks nattering about the Church or Miscavige or the staff or execs, you don’t help make that case. You just strengthen the Church’s line that you’re the bad guys, and the proof is the abundant natter.

No matter what you’ve endured at the hands of the Church of Scientology or David Miscavige or RTC, you bear some part in the responsibility for what you’ve endured. It’s a worthwhile exercise to determine what part you were responsible for in that drama. Not for anyone else’s benefit than your own.

One last point. There are thousands of staff and execs who don’t know or haven’t yet summoned the courage to really look at what’s happening with the Church. They have the purpose to clear the planet, just as you once did (and hopefully still do). They’re enduring their own share of hardships in trying to fulfill that purpose. Pejoratives aimed at the Church reflect on them as well. They really don’t deserve that. Their jobs are hard enough already. Instead, perhaps we should seek to grant them the beingness they deserve.



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