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Church of Scientology Versus The Independent Field, Part 3

In the previous entry in this series, the question was posed: What do you do if

  • You can’t get Standard Technology from the Church of Scientology, because
  • Standard Technology has been altered by the entity meant to protect it (RTC), and
  • The only people you could report it to are gone.

That is exactly the situation as it exists today. The result has been a mass exodus from the Church. This is particularly true among highly trained technical terminals and highly audited OTs. They were some of the first, and best placed to notice the problems. Aside from those who left voluntarily, there are those who were excommunicated for not going along with what was going on.

Consider the magnitude of this for a moment. Imagine what it takes for someone to come to the conclusion that their only choice is to leave the Church of Scientology. You may be aware that doing so may mean that all your friends and relatives would disconnect from you because the Church has illegally reinstituted the LRH-canceled policy of  disconnection. Not to mention all the thousands of Scientologists you will never meet because they are still in the Church and unaware or unwilling to look at what’s going on. You can never walk into an Org, a St Hill, Advanced Org or Flag again.

And yet hundreds or thousands of Scientologists have made this decision (and continue to). In this, I also include those like myself who do not openly proclaim they have left, but are nonetheless no longer members of the Church.

But that’s not really my point with this post. Up until recently, those who left the Church were generally either genuine SPs, severely PTS, or squirrels. Scientology justice codes were written with provisions for dealing with such people. People who left (or were thrown out) were the bad guys. Scientology justice rightfully applied to them because they were the bad guys. However, now we have a situation where many, if not most of the people in the field who have left or been kicked out are really good guys. Think about that for a moment. Look again at the bullet points above. Scientology justice was never meant to handle a situation like this. There’s no precedent for it.

And that’s the situation as it stands. Who would ever have imagined such a thing?


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3 thoughts on “Church of Scientology Versus The Independent Field, Part 3

  1. Great post. You’ve laid out the exact cognitions that people go through, as they come to full awareness of what’s wrong with the church today. The injustice, harm, and sheer amount of suppressive destruction that has been done to the Church of Scientology these last thirty years, is without precedent in its history.

    The tables have been turned. The people must now declare the church SP – not the other way around. Those who remain inside, are either clueless, PTS, or criminally complicit in the crime.

    The tipping point for that corrupted organization is fast approaching. Like an enormous parasite, it’s eating the host alive, while the mass exodus shrinks the available food source. It’s unsustainable, and will collapse upon itself.

    The only question is, can it survive the coming implosion?

  2. I agree that the end is near.

    Your final question is mine as well. If some “white knight” doesn’t come through and sweep away the bad elements, what ultimately happens to the Church?

    • If some “white knight” doesn’t come through and sweep away the bad elements, what ultimately happens to the Church?

      It completely collapses, and the new paradigm begins in earnest.

      In such a scenario, I would expect every red blooded Scientologist to rush in to try to save the good elements remaining. I guess it all depends on the precise scenario. If Miscavige and the most vile of his minions take off with the bulk of the church’s liquid assets, and leave a bewildered skeleton crew of dazed and confused S.O. members behind, I would expect a Call to Arms to rally the faithful together. That would be one of the most interesting moments in Scientology history, I think.

      The repercussions of such an event would obviously be seismic within the Scientology community (both corporate and Independent). I think it would cause a shake out of the real SPs and PTSes. It’s highly doubtful that a new dictator would arise from within the ranks of the S.O. if Miscavige blows. The public has already been betrayed once, and they’re not going to allow it to happen again.

      Personally, I don’t know how the above can even be prevented at this point. The parasite has eaten away too much of the host for either of them to survive much longer. Even if Miscavige should choose to stay and fight until the bitter end, the thing is still going to crumble. When it finally pancakes, he’ll either cave in, or blow.

      We can speculate all day and night about how this will all play out, and what sort of lesser dramas will attend the main event, but I think the broad strokes are already written in stone. It’s coming.

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