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Church of Scientology Versus The Independent Field, Part 2

According to the documentation we have at hand, the original purpose of the Religious Technology Center (RTC) was to hold the trademarks and advanced technology, ensure their ethical use by the Church of Scientology, and not permit their use in such a way that it damages the religion of Scientology or damages the reputation of LRH. It had no management powers over the Church or Scientologists. It did, however, have the power to revoke the Church’s license to use the technology.

Based on the other posts on this blog and the eyewitness reports of many other people more recently connected to the Church of Scientology, RTC is no longer doing this job. In fact, it would appear that RTC has significantly altered the original LRH technology so as to make it unworkable in many cases (see other entries in the “What’s Wrong With The Church of Scientology” series). Nor is it clear at all who, if anyone, else is working at RTC other than David Miscavige, the Chairman of RTC’s Board of Directors. Moreover, the alterations appear to authored by Mr. Miscavige himself.

It also appears that most or all of the executive infrastructure of Scientology has been eliminated. The Watchdog Committee appears to have been disbanded. Senior C/S International appears to be missing in action. Executive Director International rarely ever appears in public these days. Many of these people have even left the Church.

So here’s a question: Let’s assume for a moment that all the above are facts. If in fact RTC has ceased to do its job and in fact badly altered the Technology, what do you do? You want to Keep Scientology Working, so what would be obvious first action? You’d report your observations, right? Of course. But here’s the next question: Who do you report such outnesses to? What if, as noted above, there appears to be no one else of sufficient altitude to report these things to? What do you do now?

What if you keep being overrun on processes and rundowns because an F/N has been redefined to be three swings back and forth (fact)? What if, when you arrive at Flag for your six month check on OT VII, you’re told you’re not even Clear (this has happened to many many public)? What if you arrive for your six month check on OT VII, with enough money for several intensives for security checks, and find that you’re going to need more than ten intensives of sec checking (this has happened to many public)? What if you arrive at Flag for your six month check on OT VII and are put instead on a program of Objectives (this has happened to many public)? Etc.

To summarize, what if, despite your best efforts, you cannot get “Standard Technology” delivered to yourself. And what if the reason you can’t get Standard Technology delivered is because Standard Technology is no longer being delivered by the Church of Scientology? And what if the reason it’s not being delivered is because it’s been altered by the very entity which is supposed to protect it, RTC? And what if there’s no one left at the executive level left to report the problem to? What do you do? How do you resolve the problem RTC and the Church of Scientology have presented?

How do you get up the Bridge?


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One thought on “Church of Scientology Versus The Independent Field, Part 2

  1. The first hurdle is in recognizing that the church has squirreled the tech and has essentially abandoned all LRH policy. In effect, it’s become a renegade, money-making, squirrel operation – but it takes some confront to even look at that rock solid reality (for most).

    If a person can get past that first hurdle, then personal integrity must (and usually does) take over, and the person finally grants themselves permission to Look. This is vital, as it’s unlikely they’ll uncover the real Why by seeking their answers inside the church. No, they have to take that very huge step of seeking answers outside the church, if they want to uncover the real truth. It’s not to be found inside the cloistered walls of Big Blue or the FLB.

    If a person has maintained enough personal integrity to get that far, then they’ll find more answers than they bargained for, and are likely in for a great many shocks. It’s a liberating experience, though, and can really only lead one in one direction. They must withdraw all support from that group now pretending to be the Church of Scientology, and join with those who have rightfully assigned the organization a condition of Treason.

    There is no recourse or reason to be found inside. Only decay, betrayal, and death.

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