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Do It Yourself Declare Kit

I’ve now seen quite a few people in the Independent Field comment or complain that the Church was not declaring them in a reasonable time frame, if at all. But what if you need that declare to get into the latest Independent Field party or secret gathering? It’s not fair that you should have to wait. So here at the Martin Luther blog, we’ve solved that problem for you: Here for the first time ever is the Do-It-Yourself Declare Kit! No more waiting in line at your local Ethics Officer’s or MAA’s office. No more feeling like a second class Independent. Now you too can be part of the “Out Crowd”. Just download your copy of the official Do-It-Yourself Declare Kit, print it out, fill in your name, check off your particular crime, and you’re there! No delays, no waiting! Put goldenrod paper in your printer to make it look even more official!

                        LAND ORGANIZATION

PENNANT CONDITIONS ORDER 666      DATE: ___________________

                         (your name here)

is hereby declared a SUPPRESSIVE PERSON.

Reason (Choose One):

_____ Said or thought that David Miscavige was wrong about something.
_____ Said or thought that David Miscavige did something wrong.
_____ Said or thought David Miscavige was a meanie.
_____ Has or had disagreements with David Miscavige
_____ Said or thought that the Church was incorrect about something.
_____ Said or thought that the Church did something wrong.
_____ Has or had disagreements with the Church
_____ Refused to cough up cash when the Church asked
_____ Had something bad come up in a sec check
_____ Read a newspaper.
_____ Read anything on the Internet.
_____ Is a current member of the Church in good standing
_____ Some other random reason.

The practice of disconnection was cancelled in the Church in 1968. 
Therefore, anyone who has ever known or communicated with this 
person is forbidden from doing so in the future, on threat of 
immediate declare and expulsion. Also you will go to hell. His/her 
only terminal is David Miscavige, since the International Justice 
Chief is probably in the RPF and will never be replaced.

                           J. Random Staff Member
                           for the Church of Scn International


Double secret copyright, no backs by the 
Church of Scn International

Link to download PDF


When Ron’s death was announced in 1986, my first shocked thought was, “Who will truly protect the Tech for us now?” And despite all the entreaties otherwise, I did grieve briefly. In the process, I wrote the following. I’m not a very good poet, but it conveyed how I felt.

Listen, my children to the story of a man.
Once upon a time,
on a barren planet
on the fringe of nowhere
was born a man.
Was he like other men?
Like other men, yet different.
How was he different?
This man had a purpose.
Did he live as other men?
He lived as other men,
ate as them,
breathed as them
loved as them.
Whom did he love?
All other men did he love.
And how did he show it?
He made for them a volcano.
Did it burn them?
No, it did not burn them.
It warmed them
and lit their way on this dark planet.
What else did he do for them?
He planted seeds for them,
and gave them tools of harvest.
What seeds were these?
These were special seeds.
Seeds which gave life to all they touched.
Seeds which glowed with a light of their own.
Seeds which warmed the soul.
Seeds which wove their branches into a Bridge.
Where did the Bridge lead?
To places none had seen since the Creation.
To states none had dreamed of since the Dawn.
And what happened to the man?
It is said that one day the man departed.
And fires consumed his body.
And were the people sad?
They were sad for the loss of his body.
What did the man leave behind?
He left the things a man leaves behind.
And he left his volcano to warm and light the fields.
And he left his seeds whose branches made the Bridge.
And he left his tools of harvest.
And where did the man go?
Of this, little is known, my children.
But it is said that when the moon is right
and the sea is calm
and the breeze blows just so,
you can sometimes hear him say,
“I’ll see you at the other end of the Bridge.”

I suppose my question from 1986 has been answered now. What a shame.

What’s Wrong With The Independent Field, Part 4: Administration

In general, the Independent Field regards the administrative technology of Scientology in a variety of negative ways.

Of course, the Independent Field is composed of those who are primarily tech terminals, those who are primarily admin terminals, and those who are both. Those who were tech terminals before leaving the Church are in demand. We’re all somewhere on the Bridge, and far too many of us are Clear and below. So we need the tech terminals to help us make it to and through the OT levels. But whether the folks in the Independent Field need the admin terminals is another question entirely.

The origin of this attitude goes far beyond David Miscavige and the corporate culture he’s shoved down the Church’s administrative networks. In the 1950s, organizations sprang up haphazardly and were on their own administratively. There was no administrative technology. Ron researched, traveled, lectured, and tried to support the growth of the isolated groups and organizations in whatever ways he could. But at some point it became clear to him that, lacking an administrative technology, these groups wouldn’t make much of a dent in the demand for Dianetics and Scientology training and processing. So in the late 50s and early 60s LRH set out to formulate a body of technology dealing with the administration of groups. This evolution continued into the mid 70s, when he considered the administrative technology sufficiently workable to be considered complete.

In the process of developing this administrative technology, Ron found it necessary to take on the position of Executive Director of the growing number of Scientology organizations throughout the world. At some point later, he found it necessary to create an elite corps of tough, dedicated executives manned by a newly created fraternity of Scientologists known as the “Sea Organization”. From his office on board the Apollo (previously, the Royal Scotsman), he developed the whole executive structure of the “Mother Church” and sent out “missions” to accomplish various administrative goals, such a booming various orgs, forming advanced bases on land, and assisting with other research projects.

As meticulously as he had piloted and tested the auditing technology, Ron piloted and tested the administrative technology. It was refined and revised as necessary to form a body of knowledge which, when properly trained in and followed, would produce booming, productive organizations. Even when applied by people who had never administered anything before (an important requirement).

And then LRH moved off the lines.

Gradually, in practice, policy was altered, violated, not followed. Orgs often became difficult places in which to work. The continuous drama and tumult behind the scenes sometimes spilled over onto public lines. Later, after LRH died, various people high up in the church completely perverted and countered the workable policies from LRH with what can best be called “squirrel admin”. The result was and is misery all around.

Again, administrative technology has never had the respect and reverence with which we treat the auditing technology. While to some extent you can “read it, drill it, do it” with auditing tech, you don’t apply this method for the making of serious academy auditors. Yet admin tech is applied exactly this way for a lot of administrative posts. You generally don’t spend six months training someone to be a letter registrar before you actually let them write letters. It just doesn’t happen that way. What happens in practice is that you bring someone on staff, maybe put them through their Staff Status 0, 1 and 2 courses while they expedite (do odd jobs) and then assign them to a post. The Staff Statuses include a minimum of basic admin tech necessary to function inside an org. Once posted, they may do a “mini-hat” or something similar., and operate for weeks or years that way. Policy dictates that they get 2-1/2 hours of study or enhancement done in a day, which would entail their “full hat”, Volume 0 of the Org Exec Course (OEC), then the OEC volume for their division, and finally, the full Org Executive Course. But in practice, this almost never happens. Staff are lucky to get in any study time at all. So instead of getting all the policy they need to function on post or in an org properly, they end up doing things “the way we always did them”, whatever that is. Worse, even if they do manage to complete their Staff Statuses before going on post, the policy actually practiced by the staff may be at wild variance with what they just studied on their Staff Statuses. If they’re troublemakers, they may complain about the differences (and get hit by Ethics). But just as likely, they follow the “policy” that’s actually in use, which could be anything.

And thus, “policy”, not properly studied and practiced, gets a bad name. (And that includes ethics policy, which creates an exceptionally unpleasant environment when misapplied.)

And thus you get an Independent Field which generally regards policy as the bastard stepchild of Scientology. Having been mishandled by staffs which often wouldn’t know the proper policy if it walked up and slapped them, they incorrectly assign their problems or the problems of orgs to policy in general. All policy becomes bad. (A=A=A)

Right now, the Independent Field is preoccupied with the job of creating networks of “trusted” terminals and handling those who have resigned from the Church to get them up the Bridge. And they’ll be busy with this job for a number of years. But at some point, there may be nothing left of the Church of Scientology. And there will still be people who have read the Dianetics book, who want to get further training and auditing. If the barriers to that training and auditing are too high (because they can’t even find a local group to deliver to them), they will simply wander off. At some point, the Independent Field will have to find a way to handle raw public. At some point the Independent Field may remember that the original purpose was to clear the planet. And the only way to viably do that is to have stable organizations. And the only way to have those is by application of the administrative technology. I’m sorry if that’s unpalatable and not what you wanted to hear. But it’s what LRH said. And it’s as true today as when he originally said it.


My Story

I’m a troublemaker. I figure that’s how I ended up on this planet in the first place. I have a big mouth and I can’t leave well enough alone. At least, that’s what my parents always told me. As I’ve said before, I’ve been off the Bridge for about 24 years because of a massive freeloader debt. That’s why I’m not going through the usual “decompression” that a lot of people new to the Independent Field go through. My view of the Church has been from long distance, and I was never someone in the lofty heights of the Church to begin with. So apparently I missed a lot of the lunacy that’s taken place in the last quarter century. I’m just now catching up on the full story.

Incidentally, I’d like to comment briefly on being a “troublemaker”. A friend of mine recently asked me how some people manage to get through the craziness in the Church without going through the crap I went through years ago when I was actively on staff. I’d never quite thought about the exact question he asked before. But he and I had a mutual friend who fit that description. The guy was very laid back, and as far as I know, he sailed through his whole time in the Church, including his OT levels, with little more than a sniff from anyone. Thinking about that guy and how he and I were different, it occurred to me that there must be people who at some point postulated that they’d get through to the end of the Bridge (and life) without a hassle. That postulate would then inform everything they did, and how others perceived them. They wouldn’t likely see crazy stuff happening, so they couldn’t report it or object. And others would simply perceive these people as incidental particles on org lines. Their postulate would also cause them to be overly reasonable about a lot of things which couldn’t be ignored. In other words, someone completely different from me.

Anyway, I’m one of those guys with a thick ethics folder. I’ve been on staff several times, and in each case, I’ve ended up getting thrashed by Ethics. And when I say thrashed I’m not kidding. I’ve been comm-eved, declared, expelled, non-enturbulation ordered. You name it. And this goes way back to the mid-70s, before David Miscavige had much to do with upper management. One of my biggest problems was that I would complain about stuff which was wrong. Stat pushes. Unusual solutions. Stupidly avoidable hill 10s. Stuff like that. I’ve got virtually no tech training, but plenty of admin training. So I don’t have a lot of questions about how orgs and the admin tech should function. I can completely see that, where an org knows and follows LRH policy tightly, it results in exactly what LRH describes in the policy Ideal Orgs.

But as I say, I’ve been off the Bridge and effectively out of touch with orgs for about a quarter of a century. I do get the magazines from Celebrity Centre, Flag and AOLA. Plus the magazines that issue after every major event in Scientology. So I have managed to keep a sort of finger on the “pulse” of Scientology. Over the last several years, my wife (also an admin person) and I have noticed several trends that have disturbed us:

  1. Descriptions of new org quarters or Ideal Org quarters where the furnishings and such are described in terms that mark them as excessively expensive. Italian marbles for the entryways. Lavish carpets and floor coverings. Lots of stuff like that. There is policy against this sort of thing. LRH wanted orgs which are clean, functional and in good repair. He really didn’t care much about how lavish the furnishings were.
  2. Regging people for purposes other than the purchase of books and org services, and doing so in such a way as to massively push their self-importance buttons. There’s policy against this, too. LRH’s viewpoint was that you regged people for books and services, and thereby financed an org’s expansion. No other way.
  3. The gradual disappearance of upper echelon executives from the public eye, always replaced by one guy: David Miscavige. Not off policy, but simply a data point. Omitted executives. If you’re going to talk about Church birthday game stats, it ought to be ED Int talking about it. If you’re going to talk about the WISE sector, the person talking about it ought to be WDC WISE. Plus, RTC was never supposed to be a front-and-center org on the command lines of Scientology. It exists to fulfill a specific back-lines purpose, not be the face of the Church at every event. Incorrectly included org.
  4. A lot of technical releases long after the death of LRH. Not necessarily off policy, but suspicious. And when you consider the timing, definitely an example of added time.
  5. The agonizingly slow construction and build-out of the Super Power building at Flag. This rundown was supposedly piloted in the late 70s and was critical to planetary clearing. Yet it waited thirty years before being delivered broadly because it needed a special building? If that’s so, how did it ever get piloted in the first place? This sounded a whole lot like it had been stopped or blocked by someone(s) inside the Church to prevent its release. Plus, considering the relentless regging which was going on for it, it should have been completed years ago. Again, added time.
  6. Reading through magazines and looking at success stories, there was a final very disturbing trend. People were thanking David Miscavige right along with LRH, or thanking David Miscavige alone. This was clearly a “cult of personality” at work. But more importantly, there was too close an identification of Miscavige with LRH. These two things don’t belong at the same level. They are not of the same magnitude at all. No matter what David Miscavige has done or accomplished, no matter how massive it is, it does not in any way compare with the contribution of LRH to the PC or student. This is altered importance on a massive scale. Again, not off policy, but very troubling.

And so the years went by. Since I live in the area of Flag, periodic articles would come out in the St. Petersburg Times, a newspaper singly devoted to the destruction of Scientology. My wife would read these articles with skepticism, and I avoided them. Who was this Rathbun guy? Who was this Rinder guy? For all I knew their claims (and others), though remarkably similar, could have been orchestrated by some ex-Scientologists cabal, people who just wanted to hurt the Church.

At one point, I had a friend come out to Flag for some auditing, and I heard back from his wife that he had been hassled by the staff at Flag for not wanting to go to events. Another red flag, that. Back when I went to events, I wasn’t fond of them either.. Stand up and clap. Sit down and wait for the next point where you had to stand up and clap again. Sit down and wait…. Argh.

Most recently I had a friend that I hadn’t talked to for about 25 years, that I decided to seek out. We had been roommates years before, and I wondered what he was up to. So I looked him up on the internet and found him on MySpace. I contacted him and we were both very glad to hear from each other again. But at some point, he told me that I might not want to talk to him because he was kinda on the outs with the Church. That there might be repercussions from the Church for communicating with him. I basically told him that we were still friends, regardless of what the Church thought about it, and that the Church didn’t get to dictate who my friends were.

I should stop here again and explain. Like I said, I’ve been through the justice ringer with the Church of Scientology. Lots of injustice. I don’t really hold a grudge against the Church for this stuff. I understand why it has happened. It’s not right, but I understand why it happened. I also understand what part of it I’m responsible for. But it also means that it’s hard for the Church to scare me. I know when I do and don’t have policy on my side, and so it’s hard to intimidate me, since I normally do have policy on my side. I’m also not scared of belligerent Ethics Officers. I’ve dealt with them before. Same answer. You’re an Ethics Officer and you want to rant at me, you can. But at the end of the day, I’ve got policy on my side. So theoretically, I can still come out a winner. (Maybe not, in the current climate.)

So back to my friend that I hadn’t seen in years. Turns out he was a lot more than on the outs with the Church. He was part of the Independent Field. So pretty soon, he’s sending me copies of people’s Church-disconnection Doubt formulas (which I picked apart) and links to entries to Independent Field blog posts. The gist was that the Church had gone psycho, etc. Of course, that wasn’t how I remembered the Church as a whole. And I was doubtful. Lots of people have hated the Church for a long time. I could see them banding together to bring it down. Not really news to me.

One thing I did know. I had disagreements (as detailed above). And if I ever walked into Flag for a session, eventually someone was going to fly my ruds, and find out that I had disagreements. And they would inevitably try to hit me. And I’d have to fight my way out of it, using LRH policy. I had pretty much accepted that fact. I figured maybe if I went to LA for auditing, they might be a little less unbending about it. Maybe.

Then two things happened. One, I found out someone in the Church had changed the definition of a floating needle in such a way as to ensure overruns and such. The evidence was pretty conclusive this had actually happened (I was skeptical at first). At that point, I realized that I could never walk into a Church of Scientology and get Standard Tech again. Two, my friend reported to me that he had finished OT III in the field and felt great about it. When he had first explained to me that he was getting auditing in the field, I hoped he would get Standard Tech instead of getting wrapped around a pole with some goofy squirrel tech. But no, he was sure the Tech was right and he made it through.

So all at once, a door closed and another one opened. No more Standard Tech from orgs, but you could get Standard Tech in the field. My wife and I had been off the Bridge for twenty-four years, but we could now look forward to getting back on the Bridge in a lot less time, with a lot less hassle and a lot less money than we ever dreamed of.

In short, decision made. It was the Independent Field for us. We’re still working through all the consequences of being part of the Independent Field instead of the Church of Scientology. But our course is now clear.

Of course, don’t think for a moment that I don’t lament the loss the Church of Scientology to squirrels. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The Church was supposed to go on for the next millenium or whatever, clearing this planet and making bright, shiny new auditors. And eventually, the job would be done and we’d all go off to Target Two, the way LRH envisioned it. And don’t think I don’t wonder how this all happened. How it all went so wrong while I wasn’t looking. And maybe some day I’ll figure all that out. But for now, I’m “racing dynamic one” to get up the Bridge, and glad I’m not going to have to spend thousands of dollars for sec checks to convince me I shouldn’t have disagreements with the Church.

Maybe you’ve had some of the same thoughts, doubts and disagreements I/we had. Then this blog is hopefully the place for you. Start here. Then find someone in the field who can help you get further up the Bridge (training or auditing). If you need help, feel free to contact me. I’m not very well connected at this point, but I’ll do everything I can to help. And I’ll keep your personal information private, if you prefer.

What’s Wrong With The Church, Part 10: Attacking Enemies

The Church of Scientology has a long history of attacking its “enemies”. It’s worth taking a few moments to categorize these “enemies”.

  1. People who couldn’t stand to see anyone get better. These were true suppressive persons. And the first true “critics” of Scientology. Governments and government agents at one time (and possibly still) might also fall into this category, depending on the circumstances.
  2. People who shouldn’t have been on the Church’s lines in the first place. These were psych cases and those who were obviously nutty to begin with. Or those who decided Scientology didn’t work because they had no personal desired to actually get better. Such people are notoriously difficult to help.
  3. People who were technically mishandled and then not properly repaired by the Church.
  4. People who, through bad handling by Ethics Officers or misreading of policy, managed to create problems in their environment. They would loudly disconnect from their families. They would borrow huge sums to do Scientology services with inadequate explanation. They would spout unreal dogma, making it look like they had turned into unreasoning zombies or cult members. One way or another, they would antagonize people close to them.
  5. People who genuinely had objections to the conduct of the Church, or inhumane treatment at the hands of the Church. This group is more prominent than ever now. It includes people who believe the Church no longer delivers Standard Technology.
  6. People who, while they may or may not have been particularly critical of the Church, were nonetheless harassed and abused by the Church. These could actually include people from the above categories who were subsequently mistreated by the Church beyond all reason, making a bad situation that much worse.

It should be noted here that I did not include, for example, those who have illegally published materials copyrighted by the Church and such. These are strictly legal matters which all but require lawsuits to be filed. If those involved fall into the above categories as well, then additional handlings might be needed.

As should be obvious, each of these categories is uniquely different. Yet the Church’s handling of them has typically been similar or identical: attack, discredit, investigate, sue, or whatever it took to turn them into burn marks on the sidewalk. (This is the origin of the last category above.) This uniform strategy of the Church’s was in effect long before David Miscavige. It has, however, greatly intensified under his leadership.

It’s unclear why the Church of Scientology has failed over the years to make the distinction between these different groups and thus handle them differently. Many in the Independent Field claim that Church handling of enemies was based solidly on LRH policy, particularly policy issued confidentially to the Guardian’s Office and Office of Special Affairs. This claim is often made by those who actually worked in these two entities at upper levels. This may or may not be the case, but at this point, the origin of the policy is moot. Regardless of who issued the policy, it is clearly wrong.

With respect to each category, the following would be more productive handlings.

  1. In the case of true SPs, by all means, investigate for crimes. They will most likely be there somewhere and the evidence may be used later. Sue as needed or as deemed productive. Otherwise, follow the two word dictum advocated by LRH: Flourish and Prosper. That drives SPs crazy.
  2. In the case of psychos and dilettantes, refund them promptly with a smile and pay them no more attention. Note their particular insanities for future reference as needed.
  3. In the case of the technically mishandled, repair as possible. Here we’re not talking about a simple L1C run on them by a Class 0 auditor. We’re talking about thorough folder error summaries with short programs developed by highly classed C/Ses and executed by highly classed auditors. There should be nothing broken by Scientology which cannot be fixed by Scientology. If properly and standardly done.
  4. In the case of those who have caused their own environmental problems by their own stupid actions, they should be thoroughly coached by someone who can spend the time with them to properly hat and drill them, so they can repair their environments. Then they should be TIPed for a program to more fully educate them. They should be prepared to make some sacrifices to salvage their situations.
  5. In the case of people with legitimate beefs, the Church should be prepared to investigate and correct its own abuses. It should be prepared to repair such abuses and explain to its members all the particulars of the situation, and what handling is now in place to prevent future abuses. This would be in line with one of the purposes of group justice: to run out the group engram. The Church should never be so arrogant as to believe that it is incapable of error.
  6. In the case of people who have been incredibly abused by the Church’s pursuit of its “enemies”, there may be no possible salvage. If any salvage is possible, it is in the direction of admitting its wrongdoing, recommending and adopting a program of reform, and settling with victims as equitably as feasible.

Much of the trouble the Church has had in terms of its reputation has been because of violations of the above classes of handlings. Such violations invite further lawsuits and enemy actions, further sullying the Church’s reputation.

There are two important things the Church must keep in mind:

Flourish and Prosper.

Clean hands make a happy life.

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