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Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

What’s Wrong With the Church, Part 8: Children and the Sea Org

Anyone who knew LRH knows that Ron loved children. He admired the freedom of their spirits and even authored various lectures and issues directly related to children, their care and spiritual advancement. When the Sea Org was started in the late 1960s, there were a number of children aboard the Royal Scotsman (later, the Apollo) both from Sea Org members and from the public who were then being serviced on the ship. At some point, the “Cadet Org” was formed to give some organization to these children, particularly those who wanted to be in the Sea Org. Some of the first Commodore’s Messengers were children. The ship had nannies and tutors as needed to care for and educate the children.

Slowly but surely over time since Ron passed on, the policy in the Sea Org regarding children changed. At one point, Sea Org members with children were forced to serve in Class V orgs instead of Sea Org units. The current policy appears to be to forbid children completely in the Sea Org. There are even numerous credible reports of Sea Org personnel being strongly encouraged, if not forced, to receive abortions. Those who refuse are expelled from the Sea Org. This cuts directly across of second dynamics of Sea Org members.

Such a situation would have horrified and appalled LRH.

Assuming for a moment that you were an SP, and you wanted to suppress the expansion of Scientology, particularly at the upper levels, might one of your methods be to cut completely across the second dynamics of the most senior administrators and technicians in the Church?



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