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What’s Wrong With the Church, Part 5: The Golden Age of Technology

The “Golden Age of Technology” debuted with great fanfare in 1996, ten years after the death of LRH. Primarily, the Golden Age of Technology comprised drills which had been devised to resolve a variety of issues. These issues and the statements made about them, have been the subject of much analysis in the Independent Field. A careful study shows them to have a subtle invalidative quality. I hate to quote the original issues introducing this subject, but here’s a sample:

“An Insufficient Quantity of Auditors to Make Planetary Clearing a Reality, Right Now in the Present Time, Due to the Inability to Invariably Make 100% Flubless, Standard and Perfect Auditors, in any Org on Earth.” (from ‘Inspector General Network Bulletin No. 22’, 10 May 96 “A New Golden Age of Tech (A Summary of Whys Found and Details of the Investigation)”

First off, if you’ve ever studied the Data Series, you will immediately notice that this is neither a why nor a situation. It’s not clear what it is. What’s clear is that it would never appear on an evaluation done by an expert evaluator. (Reference: HCO PL 18 Jul 74 “Situation Correction.) If you have never studied the Data Series, that’s okay. Those who have will know what I’m talking about.

Let’s have a look at the above statement. Apparently, the problem is that we don’t have enough auditors to clear the planet at the moment. This is a relatively simple situation with a relatively simple solution: Make more auditors. How? Equally simple solution: Promote auditor training. How? Survey and come up with a promotional campaign which encourages people to get auditor training. Get them reaching for training and paying for training, and deliver said training. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Now, according to the above quote, the solution to the problem of insufficient auditors to clear the planet is yet another problem: We can’t make good auditors. Or I should say, “100% flubless, standard and perfect” auditors. I can imagine that at the time this statement was made, there were a lot of auditors and supervisors who felt slighted. The auditors probably felt that they were perfectly good auditors, and the supervisors probably felt they were perfectly capable of producing quite excellent auditors. Flag Service Org had bragged about being able to do this for years. But apparently not.

Apparently, according to David Miscavige and the IG Network, the answer was drills added to nearly every checksheet you can think of. Drills were the solution to making great auditors.

It absolutely begs the question: Why did LRH miss this?

Or did he?

According to HCO PL of 16 April ’65, Issue 2 TECH & QUAL DIVISION POLICY DRILLS, ALLOWED, LRH takes a dim view of excessive drills and drilling. In this reference, he defines the limited number of drills which are acceptable in auditor training, and why. Elsewhere, Ron does talk about using drills with auditors, but generally only with regards to Qual, not as part of checksheets.

To be fair, in the issues which introduce the Golden Age of Technology, there is a lot more reasoning which is both subtly invalidative but seemingly logical. Others have analyzed it at length and come to the conclusion that it is in fact weak, probably false, and violated a variety of LRH references. Not to mention taking various LRH references out of context.

But there are other, overriding issues. First, as I’ve established elsewhere, Scientology at the time of LRH’s departure was a workable and complete system. And here was the IG Network and David Miscavige, adding to and changing it without Ron’s approval. Second, LRH never saw fit to add masses of drills to every course in order to make good auditors. Standard study tech, supervisor tech and Qual tech was all that was used by LRH and org academies to make flawless auditors. Third, adding this material to checksheets would inevitably lengthen them, something LRH was always loath to do. Fourth, making them mandatory for existing auditors (as was done) not only invalidated their abilities as auditors, but again, lengthened the time in training. Again and again, LRH made the point that we never wanted to lengthen the time in training. In fact “fast flow” in training was developed specifically to speed up time in training.

Lastly, it’s worth pointing out that, if you were an SP and you wanted to damage the workability of Scientology or limit its practice, one of the ways you could go about that would be to alter checksheets so as to lengthen time in training.



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