Martin Luther

Commenting on Scientology, Inside and Outside the Church

Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy, Workable and Complete

L. Ron Hubbard dropped his body in 1986. Prior to that, Ron had spent in excess of 40 years researching, refining and releasing what came to be known as Standard Technology. Prior to 1950, that research primarily concerned Dianetics. This culminated in the publication in May of 1950 of Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health. Subsequently, Ron looked deeper into the phenomena encountered in auditing, and discovered that there was, indeed a spiritual component to life as we know it. There was an entity which didn’t necessarily occupy this universe but impinged upon it in interacting with the mind and body. This he called the thetan. It was called that to distinguish it from whatever conceptions others had with regard to the human soul (though in fact the thetan is exactly the human soul). From this point, Ron began to research the history and native capabilities of the thetan, and the barriers it encountered in exercising those extraordinary capabilities. His discoveries on these lines were no less than incredible.

Having discovered the far end of what was possible for the thetan, Ron spent the next few  years seeking to find ways to allow auditors to unburden the thetan so it could return to its native levels of ability. A wealth of technology was discovered to approach the various barriers and resolve them. Early in the 1960s, this process was generally complete, and Ron released The Bridge, a set of refined actions which, when standardly applied, produced the individual incremental increases necessary in ability.

Around this time, Ron also realized that the administration of the Churches of Scientology which had sprung up by then needed some refinement. So along with continuing his researches into the upper levels of the thetan’s ability (Operating Thetan or OT), Ron spent a little over a decade researching, piloting and releasing the administrative and ethics technologies needed to make strong and successful Scientology organizations.

Next, Ron made some further researches into the OT levels and resolved some faulty technology and application introduced by others. Having generally completed his research into all the technologies embodied by Scientology, Ron finally turned his attention back to writing some final science fiction, film scripts and music.

Ron admitted that what we know as Scientology might not be perfect, but it was workable. It was guaranteed, when invariantly applied by well-trained auditors and staff, to produce the results it was developed to produce. Years of thorough research and practice had shown that each piece of technology worked. So much so that, even when later technology superseded earlier technology, the earlier technology was still valid. In all the broad history of Man, such a claim could not be made for any other package of techniques and principles. Moreover, when applied standardly, they produce people who are happier, smarter, more capable and stable than any other applied practices which had ever existed. This was the legacy that Ron left us with when he died.

Why recap the trajectory of the development of Scientology? Just this: As an applied religious philosophy, Scientology, at the time of Ron’s departure, was complete.

Could Scientology be made better or refined? Perhaps. Ron spent quite a bit of time refining the subject and its practice. But he also spent quite a bit of time knocking out false technology and misapplication by others. In the end, what was left, as authored by LRH, represents a thorough workability.

Presumably, you’ve done one or more courses in Scientology. If you’ve done more than one, you should have noticed that the first and second references on every course you do are the HCO PLs Keeping Scientology Working and Safeguarding Technology. If you don’t understand why this is, I encourage you to stop now and reread both those references. (It’s okay. I’ll wait.)

So let’s agree that, at the time of LRH’s death, the subject of Scientology was a complete and workable applied religious philosophy. Keep this in mind when you study or read any Scientology technology or policy issued after 1986.

Note: There is some dispute, and a fair amount of evidence that, even before Ron left us, alterations had already been made by others in Ron’s otherwise workable technology, without his knowledge. Time will tell how and to what extent this is true. But to the extent this is so, it’s fair to say the workability of Scientology has been tampered with. And as LRH had to do so many times before, the changes will need to be discovered and reverted in order to ensure and restore full workability.



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